Kiryl Relikh vs Eduard Troyanovsky Prediction: What Will Happen in the WBBS quarter-finals?

Eduard Troyanovsky, known as “The Eagle” or “Troya,” is a mandatory fight for Kyril “Mad Bee” Relikh, who became the WBA super lightweight champion in March. The contenders are knockout artists, and no outcome can be ruled out when such punching power is involved. Still, after a study of the boxers’ previous bouts, one of them is strongly favored in our Kiryl Relikh vs Eduard Troyanovsky prediction.

Eduard Troyanovsky
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The Eagle and Mad Bee will square off in the quarter-finals of the World Boxing Super Series Season II. The winner will have a chance to become the tournament’s first champion in the super lightweight division and lift the Muhammad Ali Trophy.

Troyanovsky explained how much that opportunity means to a boxer: “The Muhammad Ali Trophy is something really special for any boxer in the world, maybe it could be more prestigious than championship belts because not everyone can get this trophy.”

The upcoming fight has already drawn the attention of gambling enthusiasts. Online sportsbook sites in the United Kingdom report that the majority of them are betting on Relikh. We have studied the contenders’ career to decide whether that is indeed the safer bet.

What do the boxers’ previous losses reveal about their fighting styles?

Kiryl Relikh, who has not yet been knocked out, has a come-forward style. He can be frustrated by contenders who prefer to keep the distance, which is what happened in his first loss, to Ricky Burns. Relikh himself admitted that it was Burns’ distance management that prevented him from stealing the WBA super lightweight title in 2016:  “I’m used to fighting, not playing hide and seek. I tried to get through but he was running away and that was the problem.”

Relikh’s only other defeat was a controversial decision loss to Rances Barthelemy. He took revenge for it in a rematch that finally secured him the WBA super lightweight belt. In that fight, it was conspicuous how much his jab had improved.

Fortunately for Relikh, Troyanovsky is not known for “hide and seek” tactics. However, he has taken advantage of longer a reach in his fight with Cesar Rene Cuenca. Troya will have some reach advantage over Relikh (the former has a 69 inch reach compared to the latter’s 67½ inch).

Troyanovsky suffered only one defeat in his career, but it was a highlight-reel KO when Julius Indongo, considered an absolute underdog at the time, caught him with a single left cross only 40 seconds into the first round. That was the most conspicuous example of the holes in Troyanovsky’s defense. Will Relikh be able to exploit those gaps?

Kiryl Relikh vs Eduard Troyanovsky prediction and official betting odds

Troya has successfully gotten back on track after his shock defeat to Julius Indongo by seizing KO victories over Michele Di Rocco and Carlos Manuel Portillo. However, the 28-year-old WBA champion Relikh will be a tougher fight than those two. The 38-year-old Troyanovsky is expected to suffer his second defeat in the World Boxing Super Series.

The best online betting sites in the United Kingdom are offering reasonable betting odds on the fight. Bet365 Sportsbook, for instance, gives 1/2 (i.e., 1.50) returns for Relikh (the odds for Troyanovsky’s victory are 13/8, i.e., 2.62). If you agree with our Kiryl Relikh vs Eduard Troyanovsky prediction, make sure to place your bet before more punters arrive to the site, prompting the bookies to cut the odds on Relikh!

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