Latest Bayern Munich Transfers in Hopes of Winning the Champions League

Bayern Munich New Transfers Mats Hummels Renato Sanches

Renato Sanches and Mats Hummels are the latest Bayern Munich transfers. The objective is pretty obvious.

Online betting sites in Germany
reported that the latest Bayern Munich transfers are likely to end up being the next world class football players. Renato Sanches and Mats Hummels might bring glory to the Bavarian club once again, especially if they are led by a genius like Carlo Ancelotti!

Renato Sanchez, one of the latest Bayern Munich transfers

Renato Sanches in only an 18-year-old boy who has already became a world star footballer. The British press started writing about him joining Manchester United for a transfer fee of around €80 million. However, the Bavarian side was much more active on the transfer market, they didn’t wait until his price was increased that much.

The Bavarian team made Renato Sanches one of the latest Bayern Munich transfers as they captured Benfica’s midfielder for a transfer fee of €35 million. It’s still a lot of money, but way better than €80 million! The talented Portuguese is expected to be the perfect player to substitute Robben and Ribery as these two are getting old and Sanches has the necessary skills to replace them.

Matts Hummels, coming home from Borussia Dortmund

Mats Hummels was team captain and one of the most important players in Borussia Dortmund’s defence. His presence in the air, his perfect positioning skills, his important tackles and overall his confidence helped his team out on several occasions. However, the German international won’t be there for BVB anymore.

Mats Hummels decided to leave Westfalenstadion and join ancient rivals Bayern Munich, as it was reported by online betting news in Germany in Germany. He will play under new manager Carlo Ancelotti in hopes of winning more titles than he did at Borussia. Hummels’ price was reported to be between 35-38 million Euros.

Huge expectations towards new manager Carlo Ancelotti

As it was announced in the middle of this season, Pep Guardiola was ready to leave Bayern Munich by the end of the season. Ever since we found out about that, we already knew who his successor will be: Carlo Ancelotti, the former and successful manager at Real Madrid and AC Milan, winning the Champions League at both teams.

Carlo Ancelotti

Ancelotti will be delighted with these signings

The expectation towards the Italian Professor is crystal clear: Bring the Champions League trophy to Munich once again. That is not an easy task. Pep Guardiola never even managed to make it to the finals, yet he took over a team that took the Treble thanks to tha amazing work by Jupp Heynckess.

Can they win the Champions League?

Online sportsbooks in Germany keep believing that Bayern Munich have one of the strongest squads in Europe. They have been close to it in all 3 seasons of Guardiola: they made it till the semi-finals on all 3 occasions. However, they stood no real chance in qualifying for the last game of the tournament. Of course, they were a strong side on paper, but on the field, Guardiola’s men kept failing every time.

That is expected to change with Carlo Ancelotti, the man who won the 10th Champions League trophy for Real Madrid. The same thing happened to them as well: José Mourinho spent 3 seasons at Real Madrid, making it to the semi-finals on all 3 occasions in the Champions League, yet he never reached the final. Then Ancelotti came, knocked out Pep’s Bayern and defeated Atletico in the final to win La Décima.

No rival in Bundesliga nor the German Cup

Despite the fact that Guardiola failed to deliver the Champions League – and make no mistake, this was the main reason why he was brought in for Bayern Munich – he did have an impressive run in Germany. Pep’s men were undefeatable in domestic tournaments: Bayern have secured their 4th Bundesliga title in a row.

In addition, they have another chance to win the German Cup this season as they will play against Borussia Dortmund in the Final on 21 May. Those who frequently bet on sports in Germany, are quite well aweare of the fact that Pep’s men will be clear favourites for the title. Are they going to say goodbye to him with yet another domestic trophy? Or will Dortmund want to give their farewells to Hummels by showing him that winning trophies is not impossible at BVB either?

We will soon see the correct answers to those questions, but meanwhile it is interesting to see what the bookies think about the upcoming DFB Pokal Final. Bet365 Sportsbook has set the odds for Bayern’s victory at 1.91 (91/100). The same property gives 3.75 (11/4) odds for Dortmund and 3.60 (13/5) for a draw – and hence an extra time of 2×15 minutes. If the game ended in a penalty shootout, I would definitely put my house as well as all my fortune on Hummels missing his…

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