Latest Spartak Moscow Predictions: Russian Premier League 2020/21


Posted: August 10, 2020

Updated: August 10, 2020

  • Spartak Moscow lost 3 points in the RPL due to biased refereeing
  • The club was issued two controversial penalties and 6 yellow cards
  • The owner of Spartak promised to leave the league. Will it be true?

A big scandal arose at the beginning of the new Russian Premier League season. As a result, one of the best football clubs in the country can withdraw from further participation in the championship. Check the latest Spartak Moscow predictions to learn what is the future of the top football club in the 2020/21 RPL.

The 2020/21 season of the Russian Premier League started not in the best way. A big VR and referee scandal arose in the very first week of holding matches. Sochi FC and Spartak Moscow played their first games in the new season against each other this August. Although the competition between two teams ended with a 2-2 score, a big controversy arose right after the match. As a result, the Moscow club can leave the championship this year. Let’s see what were the reasons for such a decision and odds on Spartak to quit.

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RPL 2020/21: the Spartak Moscow v Sochi penalty scandal

On August 9, 2020, two Russian clubs played their first matches in the new Russian PL season. Sochi FC met Spartak Moscow at Otkritie Arena, a home stadium for the club of Russia’s capital. The game finished with a 2-2 total score: Sobolev opened the score at the 8th minute; Larsson sent Spartak up 2-0 two minutes later. However, the team failed to win the match as the referee gave a record of 6 yellow cards for Spartak players and two penalties. The latter became a major sticking point in yesterday’s game and the reasons for the latest Spartak Moscow predictions of quitting to appear at online gambling sites in Russia.

latest Spartak Moscow predictions
Let’s play!

Vasiliy Kazartsev, the head referee, and Alexei Eskov, the VAR arbiter, gave the first controversial penalty after 15 minutes of the match. Sochi player Zaika hit Spartak defender Pavel Maslov’s leg, but fell; Kazartsev gave the first penalty without even checking VAR. The second penalty shot was ordered after Sochi player Nemchenko ran into Samuel Gigot in a penalty zone and also fell down. Checking VAR by Eskov didn’t help hosts and Sochi executed both penalties successfully. As a result, both clubs got one point each in the RPL standings.

Referees’ decisions were criticized

Feedback for Vasiliy Kazartsev and Alexei Eskov’s penalty decisions during the Spartak-Sochi match was destructive. Everyone – from the head of the refereeing department of the Russian Football Union Victor Kassai to fans of rival clubs – agreed that both penalties were unfair. According to them, Sochi players were guilty in both cases. In addition, Kazantsev was criticized for giving a yellow card to Sobolev, who scored the first goal and devoted it to his mom who passed away in August. The Spartak player took off his kit and revealed a shirt with his mother’s picture, but got punished by the referee.

As a result, the owner of Spartak Leonid Fedun promised to leave the RPL after such a terrible injustice. Will the club do it or not: let’s see the latest Spartak Moscow predictions.

latest Spartak Moscow predictions
Who are you betting on?

Latest Spartak Moscow predictions: stay or leave?

By online sportsbooks in Russia, the Moscow football club is still about to stay in the domestic league this season. Despite Fedun’s words, leaving the RPL will have negative consequences for Spartak, such as fines and playing in low-tier leagues. Therefore, the best odds for the club is to stay in the Russian Premier League.

However, Spartak Moscow won’t leave the situation with their first match in the 2020/21 season unsolved. The club will send a complaint letter to the head of the refereeing department of the Russian Football Union. At the same time, many journalists, sportscasters, and footballers insist on annulation of the match results due to the incompetent referees’ decisions. Kazartsev has been already banned from assisting matches till the end of the year. Also, both referees can be tested with a lie detector in case they took bribes for assisting Sochi FC.

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