Gen.G and T1 lead the LCK Spring 2020 Odds Head by Head


Posted: April 2, 2020

Updated: April 2, 2020

  • Who will be the best LoL team of Korea?
  • Gen.G or T1?
  • Let's take a closer look together!

The Leauge of Legends Championships Korea is the biggest annual eSports event in South-Korea. LoL is the most played videogame in the country. Even more, most of the worldwide recognized professional players are Korean. If you ever played on a KR server, probably you know why. We will take a glimpse at the LCK Spring 2020 odds to make our predictions before the finals start, to place our bets on the most vicious tournament of the world of eSports.

The LCK Spring 2020 finals will take place on the 16th of April. Ten teams compete to take their slice from the unbelievable ₩10,000,000 prize-pool. The act is also important for online gambling sites in South Korea since all the sportsbooks who are interested in eSports are creating bets on the LCK Spring week by week, based on the latest standings.

Even if you can’t bet on the finals directly, you can always place your wagers on the current week’s matches. The odds are low, however, you can easily make some extra if you play more bets on the tournaments since a couple of teams dominate the whole season.

LCK Spring 2020 Odds Picture that the finals will be decided between Gen.G and T1

The finest Korean players are all contracted to Gen.G or to SK Telecom T1. Probably, the most iconic players in Asia all belong to these teams as well. This year, both of them has 10 wins and 2 losses, their odds are all low on every occasion unless they are facing each other. In the previous years, T1 have won all the LCK, even more, they became the biggest eSports franchise in the world. If you take a look at the statistics or predictions, you can see that SK1 gaming heyday isn’t likely to end this Spring.

SK Gaming T1 surmounted Gen.G on April Fools’ Day despite Ruler’s amazing achievement

Ruler is the 11th player who achieves the 1000 kills in the LCK history. He is probably the most famous ADC in the world. Unfortunately, despite this outstanding score, Gen.G failed to achieve victory against SK Telecom T1. Therefore, online sportsbooks in South Korea started to favor T1 more. Also, if you take a look at the table below, you can see that even if Ruler has more than 1000 kills, the most kills still goes to the best mid-laner of the world, Faker, who is contracted to T1.

Faker in ’16 – Image source: Flickr
LCK Total Kill Standings (02-04-2020)
Faker (MID) 2029
PraY (ADC) 1685
Bang (ADC) 1527
Score (JUNGLE) 1509
Kuro (MID) 1479
Deft (ADC) 1326
Smeb (TOP) 1261
Sangyoon (ADC) 1191
Teddy (ADC) 1063
Ambition (JUNGLE) 1009
Ruler (ADC) 1000
Bdd (MID) 979

Are there any other LoL eSport teams in the LCK Spring 2020 scene who could beat these two phenomenons?

DragonX stands in third place at this moment based on their LCK Spring 2020 scores. Probably they and DAMWON Gaming are the two teams worth mentioning over T1 and Gen.G. However, according to their betting odds they are out of the two dominant teams’ league. The multipliers at the bet365 Sportsbook are over 3.00 in every case when a team is facing T1 or Gen.

In summary, if you would like to bet on the LCK Spring 2020 matches, you should pick Gen.G or SK1 Telecom T1. However, it doesn’t seem like anyone could remove SK1 from their virtual throne.

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