Legalised Online Gaming Market to be Launched in Portugal

Portuguese secretary of tourism, Adolfo Mesquita Nunes

The Portuguese government has decided to set up new legislation in regards with the online gaming market.

Portuguese gambling laws have changed and a legalised online gaming market will be opened starting from 28 June, 2015. Adolfo Mesquita Nunes, the Secretary of State for Tourism of Portugal, has declared that the new legislation will be launched soon. The Council of Ministers have approved the new framework in March and was waiting for President Aníbal Cavaco Silva to sign it.

There has been discussion about the new law, which finally is ready to be launched. According to the new rule, players from within and outside of Portugal will be able to enter Portuguese gaming sites. The new framework will be supervised by Santa Casa de Misericordia de Lisboa, the national regulatory body.

Portugal government expects the new law to increase income in tax revenue

Each license will be valid for 3 years and all operators will have to prove that they can afford their services in Portugal before being able to launch their websites. Registering a license will grant access to run services in poker, bingo, horse racing, casino games and sports betting.

Portuguese gambling news report that online game providers will have to pay tax between 15-30%, while sports betting operators will have to face tax of 8-16%. Operators will also have to use a .pt domain and use a Portuguese bank account. The regulator body will have the ability to block websites if any doubtful activity arises.

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