Lewis Hamilton is the Huge Favorite to Win the Formula 1 Championship: Can Anyone Stop Him?

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Lewis Hamilton is already a huge favorite to win the 2014 title, even though it’s too early in the season.

The 2014 Formula 1 season may still be in the early stages with only four races behind us, but there’s already a clear favorite to win the crown. Well, at least that’s what land-based and online sportsbooks in the United Kingdom tell us.

Yes, you’ve guessed right, it’s Britain’s favorite, Lewis Hamilton. He has already won 3 races out of 4, and it will be pretty hard to stop him this year, even for his teammate, Nico Rosberg. Mercedes driver has been on top of the podium in every race.

It’s been Hamilton-Rosberg 1 and 2 in the last three races, and the first Grand Prix of the year was won by Rosberg, when Hamilton failed to finish. That explains why he is still trailing Rosberg in the Drivers Championship table with 75 points compared to 79.

Any other competition?

The Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix delivers hot betting odds

Online sportsbooks in the United Kingdom favor Hamilton to win

• Hamilton is already 1/3 favoring to win the season’s title

• Rosberg has only got a 20 percent chance to become the champion

Not really. The closest driver behind Mercedes pair is Alonso in his Ferrari with 41 points. Nico Hulkenberg has surprised everyone (and himself probably) and gained 36 points in 4 races to currently hold the fourth spot. Reigning champion, Sebastian Vettel, has his Red Bull to blame for disappointing start and only 33 points so far.

His partner, Daniel Ricciardo, is doing pretty well compared to the last season, and sometimes even beats his famous teammate. Ricciardo has accumulated 24 points, same as Valtteri Bottas in Williams, who seem to be making quite a comeback this year.

Betting odds

Virtually every sportsbook operating under British gambling laws favors Hamilton to win the title this year. The odds are around 1/3, meaning he’s got a 75 percent chance to do so. Mind you, we’re still in the beginning of the season, so you can understand how short those odds are.

Rosberg, who’s currently leading the standing, has only got 4/1 odds from the bookies, 20 percent chance of winning. Naturally, those who wish to bet on sports in the United Kingdom and cash in big, should probably put their money behind Rosberg. His chances are pretty good, and the odds offered are massive. But then again, backing Hamilton may also be a thing of national pride.

Interestingly enough, Daniel Ricciardo is actually the favorite to win the upcoming race in Spain, well favorite of the two Red Bull drivers that is. The Australian got 16/1 odds to speed to the top of the podium, while his multiple-championships winning partner, Sebastian Vettel received 18/1 odds. Well, the odds for Hamilton and Rosberg are 4/7 and 5/2 respectively, just to make a comparison.

More interesting ways to bet and win

According to the latest rumors Jean-Eric Vergne may be preparing to leave Formula 1 soon. Three times out of four this season, the French driver has made his way to Q3, proving bookmakers wrong, and providing some nice payouts for clever punters. If he continues to perform this well, he may soon be included in the bookies’ white book, considerably lowering his odds and our payouts.

There are 19 races in total this season, 15 of them are pretty competitive, while four – not so much. It’s virtually impossible to overtake in Monaco, Hungary, and USA. While the upcoming race in Barcelona is very close to being absolutely boring in terms of overtaking.

Nine out of ten Spanish Grand Prix races between 2003 and 2012, have been won by whoever won the pole position the day before. But there is always an odd performer in the field. And this time around it will probably be Fernando Alonso, the favorite of home crowd. Last year he managed to climb to the podium after starting in 5th, and there’s no reason to believe he won’t be racing just as good this year.

He’s actually third in line to win on Sunday with 14/1 odds, and fifth to win the pole with massive 33/1 odds. Should any of this happen during the racing weekend, punters supporting Alonso will be in for a huge payday. Remember Alonso’s performance during 2012 European GP in Valencia? His 11th position on the starting grid was converted into a brilliant win. Home turf does help Fernando, no doubt.

Others in the running

Williams and McLaren’s performance during the races have been a big disappointment considering they started so well in Australia. But there’s plenty of time to make up and lots of ways to bet on their drivers, currently offering quite long odds much to the delight of their fans.

Raikkonen’s move to Ferrari didn’t produce the expected results, there’s no real competition to Alonso, but that can probably be attributed to his surgery in between seasons. There’s really no other excuse for the Iceman, but the odds on him winning are growing with each race, and once he does succeed, the payout will be huge.

Here are some more rewarding odds for the Sunday’s race: Raikkonen to win: 40/1, Bottas or Massa to win: 66/1, Hulkenberg to win: 80/1. Vergne, Kvyat to produce a top 6 finish: 25/1. Grosjean or Sutil to retire first: 10/1. Hamilton to get caught speeding in the pit lane: 25/1.

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