Looking for the NBA Playoff Series Betting Odds? We’ve got you Covered

NBA playoff series betting odds

The 2017 NBA playoff series betting odds are now set, and members of Intertops are now able to bet on the winners!

The NBA playoffs have been underway for some time now. Those looking to bet on the individual series will find the best odds at Intertops. A number of important games are scheduled to take place over the next several days, so let’s take a look at the betting favorites and underdogs.

Bet on the Grizzles vs. Spurs Series

The Grizzles and Spurs are entering into their 5th game in the series. Both teams have won 2 games, and the winner here may go on to make the finals. The Grizzlies were seen as the massive NBA betting underdogs heading into the series, but have been impressive with 2 major wins in the past 2 games.

Upcoming NBA playoff series

  • Grizzles vs. Spurs
  • Jazz vs. Clippers
  • Bulls vs. Celtics

The San Antonio Spurs were one of the best teams in the Western Conference this year with a record of 61-21. Many basketball betting experts are giving them a good chance at winning the championship this year, but first they’ll need to get past the Grizzles.

San Antonio winning the series is the obvious betting favorite. Their odds to win 4-2 are set at 1.70. The odds of them winning 4-3 are set at 2.75. Not many online sportsbooks in the US are giving the Grizzles much of a shot here. Their odds to win 4-3 are set at 11.00, and 4-2 at 13.00.

Bet on the Jazz vs. Clippers Series

Another Western Conference series battle is currently going on, and coincidentally is also tied heading into game 5 at 2-2. Neither of these teams are considered to be NBA Championship winning betting favorites, but are still capable of pulling off the upset.

NBA betting 2017

Game 5 of the Clippers vs Jazz series will take place on April 25th (photo:

The NBA playoff series betting odds here are extremely close. All of the games in the series have been extremely close, and even the best NBA betting experts are having a tough time predicting the winner.

The Clippers are the betting favorites here to win their series 4-3 with odds of 3.25. Interestingly enough, the Jazz come in with the second highest odds to win 4-2 at 3.50. The Clippers odds to win 4-2, and the Jazz odds to win 4-3 are both set at 3.75, according to Intertops. If you love betting on basketball in the US, this may be the series to bet on.

Bet on the Bulls vs. Celtics Series

The last NBA playoff series betting odds we’ll take a look at is between the Chicago Bulls and the Boston Celtics. Once again, both teams are tied 2-2 heading into game 5, though the odds are drastically in favor of the Celtics winning.

Boston was the top team in the Eastern Conference this season with a record of 53-29. They were expected to blow through the Bulls here, but Chicago had other plans. The bulls were one of the lowest ranked teams in the playoffs, but have managed to make US gambling news with two straight wins in this series.

Despite their recent success, the Bulls aren’t being given much of a chance to win this series. Their odds to win 4-3 are set at 8.00, and 9.00 to win 4-2. The Celtics are expected to make it into round 2 of the playoffs. Their odds to win 4-2 are set at 2.00, and their odds to win 4-3 are set at 2.50.

To find the best NBA playoff series betting odds, make sure to head to Intertops. They provide their members with some incredible odds, and also allow to bet on the NBA Championship winner. Tell us who you think wins each of the series we listed in the comment section below!

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