Lucky Numbers in Gambling – How to Choose Them and Why?

  • Different cultures have different lucky numbers
  • Seven is lucky, yet, not always
  • You can find your personal lucky numbers
lucky numbers in gambling

Knowing lucky numbers in gambling is always important if you want to win. 

This is especially a matter of the games of chance. When all you rely on is luck, knowing the lucky numbers seems the only way to win. It’s not the only way, of course. Yet, it is also very crucial. Depending on the game though, the role of luck and lucky numbers might vary. And whether it is land-based or online casinos in the USpeople mostly try to stick to these numbers.  Some might say that picking the lucky numbers won’t help you much to win. However, you can still notice that some numbers appear more frequently at the games, like Powerball. Thus, by knowing the right numbers, you can increase your chances to win. So, let’s figure out what numbers you can pick to win.  

But First…

Let’s understand why there are even lucky numbers in gambling or whatsoever. The concept itself has been around from ancient times. People tend to believe that certain numbers, objects, etc. can attract luck. Hence, no wonder why people started believing that selecting certain numbers can bring you more money. Some people might even bring their lucky objects to win even if it’s, say, a pen. 

Hence, the more people started using particular numbers, the more values they started assigning to each. We believe you also have some of your favorite numbers that you believe are lucky for you. Basically, the same happens in gambling and people pick the popular lucky numbers to attract luck in gambling. Or, to at least get rid of bad luck.  

Some Lucky Numbers in Gambling That Can Help You Win

Different cultures believe in the different powers of colors, objects, and what is more important to us – numbers. Let’s view what happens in the case of China. They have a set of numbers that Chinese people believe are lucky. Obviously, these numbers are also their lucky numbers in gambling too.  

First of all, number eight. It is actually the luckiest number as most Chinese people believe. And the reason behind this belief lies in its pronunciation. When you pronounce the number, it sounds somehow similar to “Fa”. And that means to make a fortune.

lucky numbers in gambling
Do you have the lucky number? Picture Source: Flickr

The number eight is pretty popular among people in China. Hence, they try to use the number even in the telephone numbers to be wealthier. Usually, floor eight on the buildings is full since everyone tries to get that floor or the flat number. They are even willing to pay for anything that is related to this number. 

The next lucky number is the number six. It’s again because of the pronunciation. It sounds like “Liu” which refers to doing everything smoothly. Therefore, people try to stick to this number so that everything goes smoothly in their lives. And one more lucky number is nine. It’s also a very popular number in China, especially in Beijing. Nine refers to eternity and that’s what most of us are trying to achieve. And that’s also what makes the number nine popular.  

The Mystery Behind Seven

You might have probably heard before about the luck behind the number 7. Yeah, that definitely sounds more like a stereotype that certain numbers are luckier than others. Yet, some lucky numbers in gambling do really work. And number seven is one of those. Many people do really believe that number seven is one of the luckiest numbers and differ it from other numbers. So, what is the reason for that? What makes people think that seven is one of the best among so many potential numbers? 

lucky numbers in gambling
Picture Source: Public Domain Pictures 

The thing is, the number seven has a 25% more probability of being picked compared to other numbers. However, in lotteries, you would not notice it being drawn for many years. Therefore, th is statistical data can give you an idea that the number seven is not actually as lucky as people always say. 

How to Choose the Lucky Numbers in Gambling Then?

Well, now you know that just because some numbers seem to be popular does not always mean they actually are. You have to select your own lucky numbers in gambling to attract luck. Yet, how to pick these numbers? 

It’s completely up to you. You can even go with the ones we mentioned above. You can use the numbers of your birth date, use numerology or just do what your intuition tells you. There is no precise strategy to it. Yet, what we can recommend is to try different numbers and see what works for you. Try online gambling bonuses in the US to play some games and think of the numbers. There is always a way and you will definitely find yours. Just make sure to select safe and reputable casinos, like Bovada Casino the best gambling experiences!

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