Macau Wins Battle for Gamblers over Hong Kong During Golden Week

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Golden Week marks a three day holiday for Chinese to relax, only this year they prefer Macau over Hong Kong.

The Golden Week is normally celebrated as holiday period in China that lasts from May 1 to May 3. Mainland Chinese usually travel to Hong Kong to let loose and relax, however gambling news from the region states that this year the vast majority of tourists opted for Macau.

Hong Kong residents do not think lightly of the mainland tourists, as they believe the Chinese are to blame for a number of problems arising at the special administrative region. Real estate price boom coupled with taking away of daily resources have been attributed as the fault of the Chinese by some citizens.

Considering that Macau gambling laws have been quite supportive of a number of recent resort and casino developments, many tourists are more likely to shift their attention to those special amenities.

Hong Kong sees a decline in tourist activity

The majority of the tourists that Hong Kong accommodates come from mainland China. The Golden Week would usually see them come in hordes, however due to recent developments many Chinese do not feel as welcome as before.

Hong Kong has suffered a two percent decrease in tourist numbers compared to 2013. This marks the first time since 2005 that tourist figures have subsided. One of the main reasons is attributed to the growing unrest between the local Hong Kong Citizens and travelers from the mainland.

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