Major Types Of Bingo Cards To Play Online

  • There are three popular types of bingo tickets
  • 75-Ball, 90-Ball, or scratch card: pick your favorite!
  • Play all possible bingo variations online at CyberBingo
types of bingo cards

As one of the most popular gambling games in the world, bingo does not have one particular way to play it. There are several types of bingo cards that allow you to choose the game fitting your demands and budget the most. Here you have the pros and cons of the major bingo tickets explained. 

Bingo is a popular game of chance pretty similar to the lottery. If you have no clue how to play bingo, check the basic rules. To win in bingo, players have to match numbers printed in a different order on cards with the numbers that are drawn by the host in a random way. Once the player has the selected numbers arranged in a row, they call “Bingo!” and gives the ticket to the host for examination. This is how bingo works in a real-life; online games are slightly different.

Bingo is played mostly in the United States. Online bingo sites in the US have the biggest variety of games, however, countries like the UK can also boast for their own styles of play. Today, we will explain the differences between the two main types of bingo cards – “American” and “British” – and see what you should choose to win.

Two types of bingo cards explained 

As we have already mentioned, there are two types of bingo tickets that are very popular worldwide. Most people know them as “American” or 75-ball and “British” or “Housie”. Both of them are available to play at CyberBingo, but let’s first go through their advantages and disadvantages.

types of bingo cards
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Housie bingo tickets

The UK bingo stands out from other types of this game thanks primarily to its tickets. The “Housie” or 90-ball bingo cards use a 9×3 grid to play. Three rows and nine columns contain 5 numbers per row and four blank spaces. Numbers from 1 to 90 are placed in a row by column. 

Due to the bigger variety of numbers, the UK bingo is more difficult to win. The main rules, however, do not change.

American bingo tickets

The US bingo as well as its tickets are considered classic. They use a 5×5 grid meant for a so-called 75-Ball game. Five columns of five squares each contain numbers, except for the middle one – it is empty. Letters B I N G O top all the columns with the corresponding numbers: B – 1-15, I – 16-30, N – 31-45, G – 46-60, O – 61-75.

This bingo variation is easier to play & win; that is why it is so popular not only at online gambling sites in the US, but also worldwide.

Other types of bingo cards

Apart from the two most popular types of bingo cards, there is one more kind of ticket called Break Open. In other words, it is a scratch card where players have a set of numbers and winning numbers already hidden on the ticket. All you have to do is buy a scratch card, reveal winning numbers, and check whether they coincide in a row or not.

Playing bingo in such a format is both entertaining and fast – you know your results immediately. Also, there is a big variety of bingo scratch cards, from popular Treasure Bingo to Millionaire. Play all these types of bingo at CyberBingo.

You can discover more about playing bingo online on the amazing CyberBingo on here.

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