Malaysian Casino Group Berjaya Applies for Gaming License


Posted: June 25, 2014

Updated: October 4, 2017

Tan Sri Vincent Tan favors business opportunities in Asia, as he seeks to obtain gambling permit for his casino firm Berjaya Group.

The founder of the Berjaya group, Tan Sri Vincent Tan, intends to submit a license application for a proposed casino in the lush area of Pahang, Malaysia. The project is set to incorporate an integrated resort and casino that will be located in the luxurious surroundings of Berjaya Hills.

In order to carry out the immense project Tan is planning to invest more than 1.2 billion of Malaysian Ringgit, which is the equivalent to 3 billion Macanese Patacas.

The primary motivation behind the ambitious undertaking is to beat competition from gambling destinations like Macau and Singapore. In order to entice customers to the Berjaya casino instead of the region’s popular gaming cities, Tan Sri Vincent Tan intends to transform the entire landscape where the casino will be based.

Attractive gaming and tourist facilities

• Vincent Tan aims to build a world-class gambling destination

• Berjaya Hills will only be the second casino in the country

• Asia boasts great gambling opportunities

His casino strategy involves building a first-class gaming facility that will not only cater to gamblers, but also to regular visitors that will relax at the resort. According to Tan the planned job will be hailed as the biggest tourism development in the country.

The overall complex will boast the finest amenities for its many customers. Gaming center, indoor and outdoor theme parks, food courts, mall, convention center, holiday homes and a mall will all be part of the package that Tan promises to deliver.

Tan highlighted how tourists and gamblers are in need of an extra choice of where to travel and spend money. “Malaysians and foreigners are spending their money on gambling, hotels and food in Singapore, Macau, Cambodia, the Philippines and Las Vegas. I’m sure they would like to come here. We can expect hundreds of buses from Singapore to come here.”

Casino gambling news uncovers that nearly a decade ago Tan applied for a gambling license for a casino in the same area, however due to circumstances at the time was unable to obtain it. Unlike the previous attempt, he is convinced that he will be granted the necessary approval the second time around.

Proposed casino would greatly benefit the economy

The proposed casino would heavily contribute in terms of stimulating the economy in Malaysia, considering the countless opportunities associated with having a great casino complex. Tan is assured that he would be able to employ around 10,000 workers through the casino, while other indirect employment opportunities would also be made available.

“We will re-apply for the license. Malaysia should not stick to one operator. It should be shared with other operators as tourism developments can generate a lot of income for the country.”

He plans to undertake a great marketing effort in order to portray Berjaya Hills as the new gambling Mecca that will deliver the utmost service to its visitors. “We’ll market Berjaya Hills as a new casino destination globally. I have 4,600ha in Berjaya Hills and there’s a lot that can be done with such a license.”

Up until now Malaysia issued a license for only one casino, Genting Highlands, which is located several minutes from Berjaya Hills. Once Tan is finally granted a license for his casino, then he will witness a substantial upgrade from the gambling services that he is currently providing.

Berjaya Hills maintains a permit that allows them to operate slot machines, which does not remotely measure up to Tan’s grandiose casino plans that are supposed to attract countless Asian tourists.

He has identified the Asian gambling market to hold numerous possibilities. Taiwan casino news reports that Tan has been influenced by the gambling trend in the region. “South Korea, Japan and Taiwan are looking to give licenses to operate casinos as they realize the full potential of such developments.”

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