Man City Goes Social and Adds One More to the List of Famous Football Hashtags


Posted: September 21, 2016

Updated: September 21, 2016

Going viral on social media sites is one of the most important factors for expanding their markets. That’s what the most famous football hashtags are used for: building the brand. Which ones are the most successful? Which ones are not as popular as they were expected to be?

Spokesmen at Manchester City have proudly announced at online betting news in the UK that the famous club has just launched its latest hashtag, #WeAreCity. Their un-hidden goal is to make it as popular as all the other famous football hashtags. But are there enough Citizens in the world? Can they match the most important football clubs in the world, or even just in the Premier League? That’s what we were trying to research. Let’s see the most famous football hashtags related to the greatest football clubs.

Famous football hashtags referring to Man United are way more popular…

Manchester City became one of the most important football clubs in the Premier League in the past few years, however, Manchester United have been one of the most important football clubs in the world for decades. No wonder that they have a much firmer supporter base all around the world, and no wonder that they are way more popular on social media sites as well.

Man United fans have the most fitting hashtags to express their opinions about their clubs. One of the most famous football hashtags of this summer was definitely the #Pogback one, which they started referring to the return of their once-released youngster, Paul Pogba. Who, happened to become the most expensive player of all time.

Now that the season has started and Pogba hasn’t quite been performing on the expected level, MU fans are upset. For a reason. José Mourinho has been keeping Bastian Schweinsteiger in the reserve team, without giving him a chance to prove his skills. Fans of the Red Devils are obviously not happy about it so they started using social media sites in hopes of convincing the Portuguese manager about his starting line-ups. Good luck with that one! Use #BringBackBastian if you also want to express that you do want to see him wearing the Red jersey.

Apart from hashtaging specifically for certain players – like Pogba or Schweinsteiger – Man Utd fans of course have their own famous football hashtags for their teams as well. The tags #manutd, #manchesterunited and #manchesterunitedfans seem quite obvious and it’s also obvious what #WeAreCity aims to break: #WeAreUnited and #UnitedTogether are quite popular hashtags among social network customers.

Other famous MU fanatic hashtags include the likes of #ggmu, #WeAreUnitedArmy, #RedDevils, #MUFC, #IamUnited and #gloryglorymanunited. Let’s see if the Citizens can match them any time soon! However, if I were to place a bet at any online sportsbooks in the UK, I would put my money on United fans being more successful on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well…

United fans really are united worldwide…

No English team can match or even challenge Manchester United’s popularity. The most popular Premier League clubs on Facebook are Manchester City with ~22 million likes, Liverpool with ~29, Arsenal with ~37 and Chelsea with ~46,5 million likes. Manchester United have just a little bit less followers on Facebook then the two London-based rivals combined: more than 71 million people follow the Red Devils on the most famous social media site.

Of course these clubs also try to launch their respective hashtags in hopes of making it as popular as the most famous football hashtags. However, they have to face way too many problems. First of all, they are not even close to be as well-known as their Manchester-based rivals. Liverpool’s most popular hashtags are #LFC, #YNWA and #LiverpoolFC. However, they are far from being as popular as #ggmu or #WeAreUnited, for example.

Manchester City might be trying something new with the launch of their new website and they might actually become successful with the new project. Not now, but maybe in the near future, we’ll see about that. Their new website features many great innovations, including the City TV, where Citizens get a real insight to what’s going on around the clubs. But #WeAreCity still has a long way to reach #WeAreUnited’s level…

Arsenal are somewhat close to MU’s level, but still are extremely far away. Theirmostused hashtags are of course #arsenal and #gunners. They also try to unite their team’s supporter base with unique hashtags like #comeOnYouGunners and #UpTheArsenal, but eve the fresh #WeAreCity is more popular than these. However, one of them is quite popular among social media users:

is used by Arsenal fans to describe why Arsene Wenger is the biggest genius of all time, while non-Arsenal fans mockingly use it to make fun of the French manager who has weirder and weirder decisions every time and has not really managed to seize a better position recently than the so-called Wenger-trophy, which means the 4th place in the Premier League.

Another London-based team, Chelsea, are the closest one to Man United’s popularity. Their most used hashtaghs are #Chelsea, #ChelseaFC and #CFC. Of course, when you refer to Dinamo London, you’re basically referring to the game toy of Russian, khm, gentleman Roman Abramovich so you might as well use the #Romanabramovich hashtag too. They’ll know you’re writing about his football team…

After surprising all online sportsbooks in the world, Leicester City’s popularity obviously grew bigger. However, they are still far away from the top Premier League clubs and it would be an even bigger miracle from them to repeat the success of last season.

Do you know of any famous football hashtags used in the Premier League that we failed to mention and you feel like it deserves a place in this collection of popular Premier League hashtags? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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