Manila Officials Protect Illegal Gambling Activities

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Manila police discovered high-ranking City Hall officials who were suspected of covering illegal gambling business in the city.

Rolando Asuncion, district police director, commented that they managed to discover the identities of the gambling bosses after various operations against illegal gambling, including raiding of brothels.

Asuncion, refused to name the officials in question for the gambling news, and only gave their nicknames.

He didn’t deny that some people from the Manila Action Special Assignment, which is an office under the vice-mayor Isko Moreno, are allegedly involved in the illegal gambling activities.

People in question

Three people are responsible for bookies, who operate against Philippine gambling laws in the city – Lorna, Pasyang and Dra. At the same time, special service houses in the Ermita and Malate areas, including the downtown Quiapo and Santa Cruz are under the protection of a certain SPO4 Rigor.

Additionally, the protectors of illegal products such as pirate DVDs are three police officers, who are only known as PO3 Lagrimas, PO2 Wendel and PO3 Dalisay, supported by a regular citizen named Jonathan.

Asuncion clarified that he placed on floating status some police officers who are suspected of being part of the illegal gambling scheme, but he refused to name them until the end of the investigation.

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