Marta Stenevi Favored by the Swedish Female Green Party Leader Odds

  • The leadership contest will take place in January 2021
  • Marta Stenevi is the top favorite
  • Asa Lindhagen and Karolina Skog to pose a threat
Swedish female Green Party leader odds

The Green Party co-spokesperson, Isabella Lovin decided to quit politics at the end of last August. Thus, the Swedish female Green Party leader odds suggest Party Secretary Marta Stenevi will likely replace her. However, there are other key candidates who might also have a chance.

According to online sportsbook news in Sweden, Isabella Lovin decided to leave politics and resign from all the official posts. She has been serving as the Green Party co-spokesperson, the deputy prime minister, and the minister of environment in the Swedish Social Democrat-Green Party coalition government. Lovin declared that she decided to quit politics for personal reasons. She cited that she looks forward to have more time to write and enjoy with her family.

A process for finding a new female spokesperson is well underway, and the new leader will likely be named early next year. As per the Swedish female Green Party leader odds, Marta Stenevi is the frontrunner. However, Asa Lindhagen and Karolina Skog might have a strong chance if they decide to jump in the race. Whoever is the new female leader, she will be working alongside Per Bound, who has been in post since last year.

Marta Stenevi the most likely next leader

Many online sportsbooks in Sweden speculate that the Party secretary Marta Stenevi is the most likely next Green Party female leader. She announced last September that she is running for the post as per Nord News. Stenevi has been dividing her time between Malmo and Stockholm serving as the Greens secretary. Prior to that, she was a municipal councilor in Malmo and a regional councilor in Skane. Should you decide to pick her as the favorite, her Swedish female Green Party leader odds are 3 at 22BET Sportsbook.

Swedish female Green Party leader odds
Who’s it going to be?

Asa Linhagen neck-and-neck with Stenevi

Asa Linhagen who has been the Minister for Gender Equality in the Lofven cabinet since 2019, is neck-and-neck with Stenevi in the odds. She stands at 3. Prior to her current ministerial role, she was a minister for the Stockholm municipality between 2010 and 2019. Lindhagen did not announce her interest in the leadership contest. Despite that, she is at the very top of the list of candidates.

Karolina Skog did not confirm or deny her candidacy

Before Isabella Lovin took the office of the ministry of environment, Karolina Skog was at the helm between 2016 to 2019. Prior to 2016, Skog was the City commissioner in Malmo Municipality. Skog as Lindhagen has been silent. She did not declare or deny her candidacy. However, her odds stand at 4, which means she is the second favorite to be elected.

Other key names

The list of candidates goes on. Thus if you wish to see the entire list of Swedish female Green Party leader odds, check out the review about 22BET Sportsbook. You can also consider placing a bet on Janine Alm Ericson with 9 odds, who is the group leader for the party in the Riksdag. The Member of the Riksdag Rebecka Le Moine is also among strong candidates with 9 odds. Furthermore, The party’s migration policy spokesperson Annika Hirvonen stands at 6, and she confirmed her interest to run in the contest.

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