A Medal for Esports in the Olympics 2024? Yay or Nay?

Esports in the Olympics

Are you excited about the possibility of cheering for the winner of esports in the Olympics 2024? We are too. Let’s break it down to see whether this could really be happening!

The next Olympic Games in 2024 are confirmed to be held in Paris, France. Rumor has it that the inclusion of esports in the Olympics could very much come true since the Paris Olympic bid committee is eager to meet with International Olympic Committee (IOC) and esports representatives to add this program in the future Olympics.

In this early stage, everything is still just a speculation. Only after the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games can decisions be finalized and we can certainly get a definite answer.

Why is esports in the Olympics good?

The IOC needs new viewers. According to the Statistics Portal, only 26.5 million people in the US watched the opening ceremony of 2016 Rio Olympics, which was 14 million lesser compared to the viewership of 2012 London Olympics.

In short, the Olympic Games need young blood. It is estimated that 70 million youngsters will be attracted to watch the Olympic Games because of esports. Nobody can deny that esports streaming is the new thing that millennials love.

What’s more? The esports industry is growing at a fast rate. By 2020, the global revenue of esports is expected to be over 1 billion USD. This is good news for the IOC since it could potentially bring in ad revenue for the next Olympic Games.

On a related note, esports in the Olympics could encourage sports betting. Keep in mind that according to the internet sport betting laws in France, sports betting is legal. In fact, gambling is legal both online and on land. You can count on it that online sports betting sites in France will follow the Olympics esports trend for sure, that is if it actually occurs.

eSports in the Olympics

2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar

Implications of esports not being a ‘real sport’

A sport, according to oxford dictionary, is “An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.”

As of right now, the IOC is having reservations about considering esports a legitimate sport. Their concern is not invalid since some people do see esports more as video games with sports being the focus.

To get around this definition dilemma, the IOC clarified in an official statement saying “Competitive ‘esports’ could be considered a sporting activity, and the players prepare and train for the games with an intensity much comparable to athletes in traditional sports.”

After all if the viewership trend demands esports in the Olympics, then why not give it to them?

Asian Games Take the Lead

The Asian Games, which is the second largest sports games after the Olympics, has sure taken the reign on becoming the first to experiment with this idea. The upcoming 2022 Asian Games are bold enough to include a medal for esports.

It’s a given that the IOC will observe the people’s reactions and esports’ popularity in the Asian Games. Will esports in the Olympics be given the go-ahead signal? Stay tuned with the latest online gambling news in France for further updates!

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