Merkur Casino in Netherlands Robbed By Ten Armed Gangsters

Merkur Casino in the Netherlands was robbed by an armed group of ten gangsters who easily outwitted Dutch police and escaped with the loot.

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According to online gambling news in Netherlands, just before midnight on Sunday, the sleepy Merkur Casino was the sight of a shockingly fast armed robbery that left patrons, employees and the casino security guard severely traumatized.

Merkur Casino, licensed under Dutch gambling laws, was just about to award Gertrude an E250 prize the she has won playing a popular video slot, when three swarthy men entered the casino.

Mr. Danni, the 76 year old casino security guard immediately noticed something was amiss – “All three were wearing ski masks, and it’s not even October yet, and each one wielded a large AK-47 machine gun which I know is not standard police issue in the Netherlands.”

“I still had some doubts though and thought that perhaps they are from the local tax office, or from the Islamic madrassa across the street, and was about to give them the correct directions to the synagogue around the corner.

“Yet when they screamed for everyone to lie face down on the floor, or they will shoot to kill, that’s when I was certain that trouble was brewing,” Mr. Danni explained later to reporters.

The robbers were able to quickly empty the casino of all its money and exit the Dutch gambling establishment all in less than eight minutes.

Nobody was physically hurt but as Gertrude explains, the emotional scars will last a life time – “I feel violated and from now on I will only play online bingo games in Netherlands where I feel safe, and leave these land-based casinos to the gangsters and hooligans.”

The three robbers along with their seven accomplices, who acted as look-outs, made a truly clean getaway by using electric powered scooters, at a leisurely speed of 9km/hours. After an extensive search of the area using police dogs and helicopters, no trace of the robbers was found.

In a press release, the Netherlands chapter of the Green World Council applauded the eco-conscious robbers for using electric scooters during their escape, and lamented that the rest of Dutch citizens couldn’t be as caring about the ozone layer as the robbers.

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