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Posted: October 6, 2023

Updated: October 6, 2023

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We have compiled a list called Metaverse Platforms 2024. These are going to be the first innovators of true Virtual Reality technology that is going to welcome all users from their bedrooms, right in Las Vegas and perhaps unknown lands we otherwise couldn’t experience. Learn how to fly, create worlds, meet people from all over the world, and turn Facebook into a city. Because VR is finally a normal technology.

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Today we are going to list some of the Metaverse Platforms 2024 has to offer for us. This means that these platforms are all ready for you to discover. They all have different functionality. Some of them will allow you to discover different realms and worlds, some will let you play games. And others seek to replace the online casino sites in the US.

No matter what you want to do, we are going to recommend one platform from the best. And don’t worry, you can use these on almost all and any VR gear. Some are more optimized for some than others. But we will talk about those too!

Sorare – DFS In The Metaverse

First and foremost, I would like to highlight Sorare among the Metaverse Platforms 2024 list. Sorare is one of the most outstanding platforms when it comes to VR. Sorare is one of the most innovative VR platforms, where you can play DFS but in VR. If you’ve been a fan of web-based DFS, then this is going to make you feel like the VR headset purchase was worth it. But how is this different from the usual DFS? The point is that you are receiving and trending NFTs on this site. Which means that every has digital value.

No, this is not the typical negative NFT. This is an implementable NFT that could be integrated into alternative DFS platforms in case they partner up. According to the Sorare Medium, it is under constant updates. But if you are interested in something different, we recommend you register at VAVE Casino.

Decentraland – Metaverse Platforms 2024

Right now, Decentraland is an enigma in the community. Its name highlights the goal, mission, and value. They are seeking to create a decentralized world, where people may put weight down without centralization. When I first tried Decentraland, for me it felt like a museum of value. However, money plays a role, which sort of goes against the mission. But at the same time, it works for now.

Companies could buy their way in for large parcels of maps using MANA. But it doesn’t block you from having the same. Your smaller parcel is not going to be overshadowed by large companies and entities. In conclusion, Decentraland is an amazing platform and I can see it being one of the few main VR hubs shortly.

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Cryptovoxels are one of the most outstanding concepts. However, the execution is not quite there yet. It seeks to be one of the greatest Metaverse Platforms 2024 will bring to the public. Therefore, the idea is rather simple: It is a city of crypto and NFT. A decentralized city where people could live on the Ethereum Blockchain. The concept is a little cryptic because, in this VR world, people can use most internet browsers.

Which means that you will be on the internet, using the internet. Almost as if our current world has received a digital interface. What makes Cryptovoxels interesting is the fact that you can visit museums and buy NFT with nothing more than just a click and a confirmation. Therefore, I believe Cryptovoxels will be the hub for programmers to talk and trade digital assets.

Horizon Worlds – Metaverse Platforms 2024

Do you remember 2014, when Facebook was dominating the world? Nowadays, most people look at Facebook as a failing platform. However, back in the time, we all felt like we were traveling in a digital city. We had our little house with our profiles. We had an active feed of our personality, and our page could tell anything about us.

We traveled to discover each other’s personalities, and we played games together. With the release of Meta Quest 3, META seeks to re-establish this atmosphere shortly. Because Horizon Worlds is the predecessor of Facebook, where you will be able to walk the world in a digital landscape.

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VR Chat

This is one of the well-known and established brands. Therefore, the Metaverse Platforms 2024 list is going to feature it as one of the main hubs. I was personally there when VRChat was launched. I even spoke personally with the creator about the future of VR. It was an interesting experience, and he managed to amaze me with his VR museum later. They are the reason why everything has started.

Today, we are going to have the poker metaverse explained, because this platform craved a way for companies to pitch in their ideas and worlds. VRChat is a land of endless possibilities, with different realms you can enter. This is the successor of Second Life, and once SL develops into VR, it will be the biggest competition in the early stages.

Vegas Infinite By Meta

The Metaverse Platforms 2024 meets a revolution with a new merge. There is one thing that connects all communities; Poker. Everyone loves poker, even people who can not play it. Discord saw this and was quick to implement a Poker Party game. However, META did not want to risk someone realizing the power of poker. This is why they were extremely quick to partner up with PokerStars VR. According to Reddit, soon PokerStars VR is going to turn into Vegas Infinite.

And all of this is coordinated by Mark Zuckerberg’s team. Therefore, we will see the smooth appearance and technology of META replacing the old, dusty, and strange system of PokerVR. However, the nearly perfect VR programming and optimization are kept. The merger will be the new VR hub of the century. And if you want to remain online instead of VR? – Just register at VAVE Casino!

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Sansar – Metaverse Platforms 2024

Interested in the true meaning of metaverse? Want to live life to the fullest in the digital world? Then you need nothing more than Sansar. This is the absolute best VR platform to use if you want to have social activities. Play basketball, attend a concert, go shopping, or do anything else. Sansar is the perfect alternative to VR chat. However, what makes it ultimately better than VR chat is the graphics.

The graphics are outstanding, and you will truly feel like you are in a different world. Which is probably their aim. Some functions are limited compared to VR Chat, which further empowers the sense of entering a different world instead of playing a VR game. If you are invested, have the Metaverse gambling explained today!

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is the future of video games. While it is a strange cubic-based platform. At the same time, you will be able to create video games without any knowledge of programming and graphic design. You heard that right! The Sandbox will allow you to do whatever you want to have fun.

Create worlds, share them with others, and have no care in the world about what the big companies do. According to Variety, even Netflix partners up with the VR platform to create a Squid Game video game where you can battle your friends to death! This is probably the most the Metaverse platforms 2024 list has to offer. And if you are just here to gamble, then please register at VAVE Casino!

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