Michael Phelps Takes Down a Las Vegas Casino for $100K

America's greatest Olympian Michael Phelps wins $100K at the poker tables in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

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Michael Phelps is undoubtedly the greatest Olympian in history. He has won so far 22 Olympic medals at two Olympics, 16 in Beijing 2008 (a record in itself), and another six in London 2012. He broke numerous world records in swimming, some of them are not likely to be passed in the near future.

However, recently the man also known as the Golden Butterfly has also managed to get into the United States gambling news.

After the London Olympics, he and his friends decided to take a break, ease up and try their luck at the Las Vegas poker tables. The Nevada city is home to some of the world’s most famous casinos, and has maybe one of the most favorable American gambling laws.

According to TMZ, the 27-year old swimmer showed significant poker skills at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, where he left the place with a winning in the sum of $100,000.

There were rumors around that the man with the most Olympic medals in his cupboard loves playing poker. He already faced some of the strongest poker players in the world, and has managed to finish in the money during several tournaments, and even mentioned a career in professional poker.

But where did he learn to play so well? Sources close to Phelps say he might have visited some online poker sites in United States before trying his luck at the green tables.

It wasn’t just all gambling for Mr. Phelps and his entourage in Las Vegas. The visited numerous bars, and were reported to have ended up playing strip pool, with Phelps showing his button for the world to see. What can one say? Michael Phelps trains hard, swims fast, gambles wise and knows how to party. Anyone throwing a stone at him is welcome to start training in the pool.

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