Money Heist Part 05 Betting Odds Favor A New Gang Member to be Named “Chicago”

  • Most of us believe Sierra will be the new gang member
  • Names are selected based on countries with the highest fans
  • Money Heist lately ranked fifth in Netflix’s US
Money Heist Part 05 betting odds
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The globally smash-hit TV series Money Heist “La Casa De Papel” is confirmed for Part 05. It will possibly be followed by Part 06. Lots of predictions have started popping up about the plot, the fate of the characters, and the possible new faces. But, what do Money Heist Part 05 betting odds suggest? We shall expect a new gang member/s named by one of the US states.

Season 2 Part 04 was dropped by Netflix on April 03. You must already know that, right! If you did not complete watching the eight episodes, be alert, this article contains some crushing spoilers. Part 05 is coming up in 2021, probably sometime in Spring. It will likely answer some crucial questions. How will the task of robbing the Bank end? Will Rio be completely liberated? How many of the remaining members will survive?

Online sportsbook news in Spain did not confirm whether the script has been completed yet. But, as usual, we shall expect one or more new gang members joining in. They will most certainly carry the name of a city from somewhere in the world. Money Heist Part 05 betting odds have a reasonable list of names from which you can choose and enjoy some fun.

All eyes on Sierra

The Spanish thriller Netflix series has been a heck of a roller coaster full of unexpected twists. It is just unpredictable what was coming next, but also similarities can be somehow drawn between seasons 1 and 2. Think about it. Each had a new heist. The plan was to buy time, win the public, and trick the police with an escape plan at nobody’s mind. New love stories, fights, and even a coup within the gang have all repeatedly taken place.

Outside the bank, inspector Alicia Sierra and colonel Tamayo teamed up albeit as adversaries typically as it happened between Raquel and Alfonso Prieto in season 1. How did that relationship end? Well, Raquel switched her role to join the gang. Is it clearer now? To put it bluntly, Sierra sang ‘Bella Ciao” in the last episode and that made most of us believe she will be the new gang member. Frankly, that will be too disappointing, because a whole different journey will be much more fun.

Cosplay at Gamescom: costume depicts a criminal with Salva… | Flickr
Money Heist cosplay at a Gamescom – Image source: Flickr

It will likely be Chicago, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas

Each new part brought us one or more new gang members who adopted a city as a code name. In part 3, Lisbon (Raquel) joined the gang after falling in love with the Professor. Stockholm (Monica) became Denver’s wife. Besides, Marseille, Bogota the skilled welder, and Palermo a new second-in-command after Berlin’s death stepped in. In part 04, Julia, one of the hostages turned out to be an undercover agent for the Professor and adopted the code of Manila.

Alex Pina, the show’s creator said to MSN, “the cities at first were chosen randomly. But, in later parts, they were selected based on the countries with the highest number of Money Heist fans”. Online sportsbooks in Spain suggest so far that the United States deserves to win the naming contest. Money Heist lately ranked fifth in Netflix’s US and that is highly impressive for a foreign series. Thus, the 22BET Sportsbook favors the new member to be named either Chicago at 6.5 odds, Los Angeles (8), or Las Vegas (8.5).

What to expect form part 05?

Part 04 ended with Lisbon being rescued and the Professor caught red-handed by the ruthless police officer Alicia Sierra. Gang members are still unaware of Professor’s condition, and they are feeling victorious after Lisbon got into the bank. However, everyone remains emotional including us, the fans of Nairobi’s death.

The next part will likely focus on the escape plan. What will happen with the Professor once he is arrested is another issue ahead. Will someone rescue him? Will (Sierra) the new gang member help the Professor? Will Marseille take the lead? Will another civil war take place among the members? All these questions and more might have answers at Money Heist Part 05 betting odds, but they are not available yet. Thus, stay tuned by checking out the review about 22BET Sportsbook.

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