Montoya Triple Crown Quest: Le Mans Comes Next

Juan Pablo Montoya Triple Crown

Juan Pablo Montoya would conquer motorsport’s Grand Slam with a Le Mans victory.

As many of those, who bet on sports in the EU might know, only one driver was able to win motorsport’s all three classic races. He was Graham Hill, the legendary gentleman of the sixties. He won the Monaco Grand Prix, the Indy 500 and the Le Mans 24 hours. Juan Pablo Montoya is the only active driver, who conquered two of those tracks. The 39-year-old triumphed in Indianapolis in 2000 and in 2015. He succeeded in Monte Carlo in 2003 in a Williams.

With a Montoya triple crown, the Colombian driver would complete a historic achievement. He considers the possibility, however, he doesn’t want to hurry with that. Gerard Neveu, who leads the World Endurance Championship, is ready to get Montoya a drive, if he wants to give it a shot. When asked about that, Montoya confirmed that he is interested. He said, “I race because I love it. At some point do I want to try and win the 24 Hours? Yes.”

IndyCar comes before the Montoya triple crown

Graham Hill F1

Graham Hill has been the only one so far to win the Triple Crown of motorsports

At the FIA conference in Mexico, Montoya spoke about his considerable experience in long-distance racing. However, he also emphasized, that he only plans for short term, like many of those, who gamble online. He said, “I won Daytona 24 hours three times, but I’m not a guy who says ‘In two years I want to be doing that’. I can’t see past this weekend’s IndyCar race.”

He added, “It’s hard to programme yourself for the long term, especially if your long term is something different. You are either doing this, or you are doing that. But do I want to try to win it (Le Mans)? Yes.” Gambling news report that Neveu would welcome a Montoya triple crown attempt, as it would generate a huge growth in revenues at Le Mans.

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