Montpellier Have the 2019 LNH Division 1 Betting Odds To Win The League

  • Montpellier have the best odds to win the 2019 LNH Division 1 season
  • Nantes haven’t finished below 6th place since 2013
  • USAM Nîmes last won the league last 18 years
  • Chambéry Savoie have the lowest chance to be the 2019 champions
2019 LNH Division 1 Betting Odds
Another exciting year for the French handball fans

The 2019 LNH Division 1 is the 67th edition of the elite handball league in France. Montpelier have the best 2019 LNH betting odds to win this year’s season. Nantes, USAM Nîmes and Chamber are also contending for the 2019 league. Which French handball club do you think will be crowned 2019 champions? 

Ligue de Handball Nationale or LNH Division 1 is the top professional handball league in France. Founded in 1985, the league is administered by the French Handball Federation. The 2019 LNH Division 1 season began last year on 5 September and will conclude on 5 June 2019.

The handball teams also compete in hopes of qualifying for the EHF Champions League and EHF Cup. These are some of the clubs that are competing for this year’s trophy and these are their 2019 LNH Division 1 betting odds.

2019 LNH Division 1 Betting Odds
Montpellier 1.65
Nantes 2.20
USAM Nîmes 151.00
Chambéry Savoie 501.00
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Montpelier have the players, record, and statistics to earn them a 15th LNH Division 1 title

Montpelier have the best 2019 LNH Division 1 betting odds at 1.65 to be the French handball champions this year. Besides their good odds, they also have the best record to back up their title hopes. They have won the league a total of 14 times claiming wins from 1995 to 2012. The club are currently third in the league behind Nantes.

Nevertheless, Montpellier have had a good run of games so far with 15 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses from 19 games. This has earned them 31 points, just 6 behind current log leaders Paris Saint Germain. The 14 time champions have the potential to close the gap with Paris Saint Germain and finish the season as champions.

Montepelier do have a player that could help them to achieve this and end their 7 years trophy less run. Melvyn Richardson is one of their best players this season and the league’s current top performer. He has scored 126 goals from 19 games and has the best average goals scored per match at 6.63 goals.

Their player Vincent Gérard is one of the top performing goalkeepers in the 2019 LNH Division 1 season. He’s the 8th Top Performing Goalkeeper having saved 131 out 435 goals, giving him a 30.11% saving percentage.

Nantes hope their consistency will earn them their first domestic handball

2019 LNH Division 1 Betting Odd
Nicolas Tournat

According to online sportsbook news in France, Nantes also stand a good chance to be the next French handball champions. Their 2019 LNH Division 1 betting odds of winning the season are 2.20 on Bet365 Sportsbook. The handball club are currently second in the league and are in a good position to win the 2019 title.

Even though they’ve never won any LNH Division 1 titles, their title hopes won’t be significantly affected. Nantes have been pretty consistent it the handball league finishing inside the top 6 since the 2013 season. In the last three years, they finished in the top 3, securing Champions League Group stage and EHF Cup qualification.

Nantes have also been consistent this season staying inside the top 2 of the league table since their opening match. They also have a strong team that could lead them to title victory. Two of the club’s players Nicolas Tournat and Nicolas Claire were Players of the Month for September and November respectively. Additionally, their left wing Valero Rivera Folch is the leagues 4th Top Goalscorer with 112 from a possible 154 goals.

USAM Nîmes hope to match their 80s and 90s success in the coming years

USAM Nîmes don’t have the best 2019 LNH Division 1 betting odds to regain the title they last won in 1993. Their odds to win on Bet365 Sportsbook are 151.00. This means they might have to depend on the failure of the top competing teams to win this year’s title.

They won 4 titles in 1988, 1990, 1991 and 1993, and were runners up in 1986, 1990, 1991 and 1993. The club have failed to repeat their success in the 2000s and 2010s.

USAM Nîmes currently sit outside the top 3 in 4th position with 30 points. This is already a big improvement for them as they finished the 2018 season in 8th position with 27 points. The club are 7 points away the top spot in the league with 30 points. Since there’s still 7 games left in the season, there’s still a very small chance that they could clinch the title.

2019 LNH Division 1 Betting Odds
Yann Genty

However, Paris Saint Germain, Nantes and Montpellier are unlikely to drop points in this crucial stage of the season. For that reason, their best hope would be to secure a top 4 finish and EHF Cup qualification.

Chambéry Savoie have low 2019 LNH Division 1 betting odds to be this year’s champion

The club won the league once in 2001 and have been trophy less for 18 years. Chambéry Savoie (501.00) are currently 5th in the league with 27 points from 13 wins, 1 draw and 5 losses. 10 points separate them and the current log leaders. However, with 7 games, it’s unlikely that Chambéry Savoie will gain enough points to top the league table.

There will consequently be a risky bet on Bet365 Sportsbook. Seeing that they’ve improved since their 9th place finish last season, a top 4 finish is well in reach. Chambéry Savoie’s best chance this season would be to qualify for the EHF Cup. Although they don’t have the best title chances this year, the club still have a season and squad to be proud off.

Yann Genty the league’s best goalkeeper with 236 out of a possible 647 saves. He also has the second highest save percentage at 36.48%. Their right wing, Fahrudin Melić is the league’s 5th Top Goals Scorer with 108 goals.

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