Water Polo Serie A1 Betting Predictions: Pro Recco to be 2019 Champions

  • Pro Recco have dominated the Serie A1 water polo league with 32 titles
  • AN Brescia stand a good chance to win this year’s waterpolo title with odds at 4.00
  • CN Posillipo have one of the worst odds of winning the 2019 title despite by 11 time league champions
Water Polo Serie A1 Betting Predictions
Pro Recco won't slip from here

2019 marks 100th season of the top Italian water polo season. The water polo Serie A1 betting predictions foresee a continuation of Pro Recco’s dominance. AN Brescia however have the best chance to end Pro Recco’s 12 year winning streak. Italian clubs CC Ortigia and CN Posillipo will also contend for the 2019 Serie A1 title. 

The Serie A1 is the premier men’s water polo championship in Italy. The competition consists of a regular season played over 26 matches. Additionally, a championship playoff series is then played between the top 6 teams of the regular season to determine the league winner. Finishing in the top two of the table guarantees automatic qualification for the semifinals.

The 2019 Serie A1 water polo regular season will run from 13 October 2018 to 18 May 2019. Dates for the semi final and final are yet to be determined. Pro Recco, AN Brescia, CC Ortigia and CN Posillipo are all in the top 6 of the regular season occupying playoff positions.

These are how their chances of winning the championship stand on Bet365 Sportsbook:

Water Polo Serie A1 Betting Predictions
Pro Recco 1.25
AN Brescia 4.00
CC Ortigia 1001.00
CN Posillipo 1001.00

The water polo Serie A1 betting predictions anticipate Pro Recco as the 2019 champions

Pro Recco have the best chance to win the 2019 Serie A1 Water Polo league. The club have won the Italian championship a total of 32 times making them the most successful team in the division. They are uninterrupted league winners since 2006, and will most likely continue their reign.

Their current run this season is very promising and if they continue this way, they will defend their position as Serie A1 champions. 22 games played, Pro Recco have the best performance in the 2019 regular season.

They have won 21 games losing 1 and drawing 0. Unfortunately this loss means that they will not repeat their invincibles status this year. Last year, the club were unbeatable winning all 26 rounds of the season.  

Pro Recco also enter the competition with the best Serie A1 record winning the title consecutively from 2006 to 2018. Their 12 year unbeaten run makes them a safe bet on Bet365 Sportsbook with odds at 1.25. 

Water Polo Serie A1 Betting Predictions
Our water polo Serie A1 betting predictions show Pro Recco’s expected to secure their win

AN Brescia could break Pro Recco’s 12 year title winning streak

AN Brescia stand a good chance to win their second Serie A1 Water Polo championship this year. The club are also Pro Recco’s biggest title competitors according to the Serie A1 betting predictions. They currently occupy 2nd spot in the league having won all 4 of their last matches. Even though they were last league champions in 2003,  AN Brescia (4.00) stand the best chance to interrupt Pro Recco’s dominance.

AN Brescia have usually lost the regular season to rivals Pro Recco by a small margin of points. In the 2015 season, they lost by 2 points with 61 points whereas as Pro Recco had 63 points. Similarly in 2017, AN Brescia finished the season 2 points two points behind Pro Recco.

Since 2013, they have always secured a top 2 finish in the regular season, keeping their rivalry against Pro Recco strong. Additionally, they’ve directly qualified for the semi finals of the Serie A1 championship.

They are currently level on points with Pro Recco with 63 points from 22 games. The two clubs have also won and lost the same amount of games. Pro Recco however top the table due to their superior goal difference of 219 against AN Brescia’s 155. Nevertheless, there are still in a good position to qualify for the semi finals, increasing their chances of winning the 2019 championship.

AN Brescia will also be under pressure to win the title this year after losing the 2018 final to Pro Recco. They lost to a narrow result of 8:5. However, they have good odds this year to win the championship and recover from the painful loss last year. Be sure to read our review about Bet365 Sportsbook, one of the many available online sportsbooks in Italy.

Water Polo Serie A1 Betting Predictions
The beautiful of Posillipo has to wait a bit longer for their water polo success

CC Ortigia and CN Posillipo will most likely not win this year’s title

The water polo Serie A1 betting predictions don’t favor title wins for CC Ortigia and CN Posillipo. The two clubs both have the worst odds on Bet365 Sportsbook standing at 5001.00.

CC Ortigia currently occupy 5th position with 32 points from 23 games. However the amount of games they’ve lost that makes them a risky club to bet on. The club have won 10 games but dropped points from 1 draw and 11 losses. Their form in the last 4 games has been poor  winning 2 and loosing 3. Dropping points at the closing stages of the regular season could affect their qualification into the playoffs and title hopes.

To add to their woes, CC Ortigia’s 2019 performance is actually worse than last season. They’ve already lost 3 more games than in 2018. Three of their next 4 fixtures include teams in the bottom half, so they are expected to pick up as many points as possible.

This means that they could possibly salvage enough points remain in the top 6 finish and play in the playoffs. However, they’ve had a poor record in the championship playoffs failing to secure third place or higher.

CN Posillipo are currently 4th in the table with 37 points. However, they are the second most successful water polo Serie A1 teams with 11 titles. The club were last champions in 2004 meaning there’s a big chance they won’t end their 15 year dry spell. Similarly to CC Ortigia, they are in a good position to qualify for the playoffs.

Unfortunately, they’ve have failed to win any game in their last 3 matches with two losses and one draw. 3 games remain for the club and this is not the ideal performance of a strong title contender.

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