Most Beautiful Pro Athletes From All Over The World


Posted: March 8, 2022

Updated: March 8, 2022

  • Stunning surfers, golf players and more ...
  • Beauty is subjective, so who do you find the most attractive?
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Our article is not only about the most skillful, fastest, successful female competitors in the world but those who are among the most beautiful pro athletes, as well. We tried to gather the most attractive professional contestants from all over the world, but we admit that putting together a list like this is hard. Mainly because of those we have to leave out since, in that case, this would be the longest article ever written, as beauty is subjective. Enjoy and check out if we did a justified compilation!

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Most Beautiful Pro Athletes

Eugenie Bouchard is the first Canadian to represent her country in the Tennis Grand Slam. As a junior, she achieved plenty of victories and recognition. She was also chosen as the Female Player of The Year three times, and the WTA picked her as the Most Improved Player of the 2014 season. After reaching the finals of the Wimbledon tennis tournament in 2014, she has not been able to keep up her great performance. Nevertheless, she is still immensely popular due to her beautiful looks and Instagram posts. Much to the dismay of men everywhere, she is in a relationship with Mason Rudolph, the Steelers’ quarterback. Hopefully, we will hear more of her tennis achievements in the future! 

Alana Blanchard is one of the most beautiful pro athletes in the world, according to several sources. She is friends with the inspiring surfer Brittany Hamilton, as well. You can read about her in our article: Surfers who faced death but survived. Alana surfed in the ASP World Tour and made a name for herself thanks to the movie about Bethany: “Soul Surfer” too. She was born into a family of surfers, so she grew up in a surfing community. No wonder Alana has been surfing since she was only four years old and started competing at the age of nine. After victory followed victory, Rip Curl started to sponsor her, and she began modeling and partook in developing swimwear for pro surfers. She also launched her foundation to support female surfers. She is only 31, engaged, and a mother. What a career and achievement at such a young age! 

Beautiful Sports Influencers

Sommer Ray is a 25-year-old fitness vlogger and influencer. She has more than 25 million followers on Instagram, making her one of the most popular fitness models on social media.

Her father and mother were both bodybuilders, and they also competed regularly. So, Sommer grew up in an environment that helped her become a professional athlete. She started taking bodybuilding more seriously at the age of fifteen, and only a few years later, she won prestigious competitions. It was a real breakthrough in her career when she started posting pictures on Instagram in 2016. Tens of thousands began to follow her in a flash, receiving more and more sponsorship requests. She works for big companies now.

Jen Selter has more than 12 million followers on Instagram. Among them are Beyonce and Rihanna, which is no small achievement. Similar to Sommer, she is a fitness star whose career took off due to social media. The media is enthusiastic about her very fit body, especially her backside, which she always emphasizes in her photos. This hard-earned result brought her success since she appeared in the New York Magazine, Elle, Vanity Fair, and even People magazine. Over time, she has gradually gained support and offers from global brands like Nike and health product companies. According to her, her purpose in life is to inspire and motivate people. Social media can do wonders with influencers and those who follow them. Check out their project or look up online sportsbook sites in the US.

Most Beautiful Pro Athletes

Lauren Simpson is also a fitness model and bikini contestant from Australia. You may have come across her pictures since there are plenty on the internet. She has been very active throughout her life. She played sports like football and footvolley in her childhood.

Lauren used to be skinny, leading an undernourished, unhealthy life. However, she changed for the better and became a sports icon. Her love of fitness led her to the INBA Sydney Super Bodies and INBA Southern Cross Championships, where she won. Now Lauren helps those who make the same mistakes she did and works hard to become an athlete worth following. 

Zsuzsanna Jakabos is a Hungarian swimmer who, according to the COED magazine, is among the most beautiful pro athletes in the world. The Olympic athlete caught the attention of many, and not just because of her performance. Although the Olympic Games are about participation, achievements, and sports, let’s admit that we all spy on handsome and beautiful contestants. Jakabos has participated successfully in many European and World Cups. She is constantly on betting sites, such as Unibet Sportsbook. Do you think she will compete in the 2024 Olympic Games? You can place bets on it!

Kim Glass is among the most beautiful pro athletes who made it to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where she won a silver medal with her team. She plays indoor volleyball and is also involved in modeling. The gorgeous volleyball player trains five days a week, three hours each time to keep in good shape, though she has a weakness, which is pancakes. She participates in charity matches on a regular basis to help young homeless people! Now, she is an athlete worth looking up to.

Golf Can Be Attractive

Paige Spirinac is the most popular female golfer today, but it’s not entirely due to her talent, her beautiful looks play a role in this, as well. She was a private student from an early age, so she could focus on her professional golf career.

However, she is also happy to show off her appearances on social media now. In the beginning, she used these platforms to share golf tutorials, but due to her beauty, she got quickly recognized. According to her, the admiration and interest in her are like therapy because she used to be bullied. She works as a model, as well. You can check out her photos in Sports Illustrated. 

Another golfer with the looks of a model is Blair O’Neill. She became famous among golf lovers in 2000 after winning The Big Break tournament in the Dominican Republic and finishing second in The Big Break: Prince Edward Island. In addition to fame, the success of the golf tournaments also brought her a number of sponsorship deals, while her stunning appearance paved the way for her modeling and television career. She also hosts various shows on Golf Channel.

Most Beautiful Pro Athletes

Sage Ericson is a professional surfer who rides the waves mainly in California and Hawaii. However, the stunning pro surfer has a sensitive nature, and the constant traveling and stress caught up with her, so she worked in the fashion industry and surfed as a hobby for a while.

In 2020, though, she returned to the forefront successfully. She has been featured in various magazines as one of the most beautiful pro athletes for her many victories. Check out her odds at the upcoming surfing events at Unibet!

Alica Schmidt’s story stands out a bit. She is a German runner who was chosen as the most beautiful pro athlete in the world a few years ago. For a while, she was the fitness trainer for Borussia Dortmund, the professional soccer team in the Bundesliga. We can only imagine the guys’ faces when she walked in for the first time! However, the Olympic athlete expressed her surprise and shock as to why she became the sexiest Olympian. According to her, sports will always come first. She doesn’t want to become popular due to her appearances, instead of her sports achievements. Even the famous and provocative Playboy magazine made an offer to her, but she refused. Many sympathize with her even more, for her devotion to sports and humble approach.

Gorgeous and Tough

Robin Bone is a Canadian athlete and pole-jumper. Many ask her why she wears a helmet during sports. Well, when Robin was younger, she got concussions several times. Learning from these events, she wears a helmet as a precaution. Robin has a bunch of gold medals, and in addition to that, the stunning athlete holds the Canadian female pole-jump record with 4,36 meters. She has lots of followers on social media, join and check out her posts and why she has made it on our list.

Alex Morgan is an American soccer player. As a member of the US national team, Morgan won the 2012 Olympics and the World Championships in 2015 and 2019. The two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup winner has scored 114 goals in her 180 matches so far. In 2019 she was nominated for the Golden Ball but got third place. She signed with the San Diego Wave Football Club last year. She fights for women’s equality, and since she became a mother in 2020, one of the most beautiful pro athletes has many-many things on her agenda. 

Danica Patrick is not only beautiful but also tough. Undoubtedly, to this day, Danica Patrick is considered the best-known female figure in professional car racing. During her career, the American athlete not only drew attention to herself on the track, but the media also loved her due to her attractive appearance. The Nascar racer is one of the most determined athletes, as proof, she is the first woman to win a race in IndyCar. Her name has already come up in the F1 teams. Patrick was previously a cheerleader in high school, while in addition to her car racing duties, she also regularly accepts modeling jobs. She would have made a welcome addition to the Fast and Furious family, don’t you think?

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Pretty and Talented

If the term beautiful suits someone, it is none other than the Finnish figure skater Kiira Korpi. The father of the Tampere girl is one of the best hockey players in the country. He won a silver medal with the national team at the Olympics in 1998. Her daughter is not far behind, though. The Ice Princess won a bronze medal at the 2007 European Championships. However, the now 33 years old figure skater champion retired from competitive sports in 2015.

Heather Mitts won the Olympics with the US team in 2004, 2008, and 2012. The pro soccer player is not only talented but beautiful. In 2001, Playboy voted her the sexiest female soccer player in an online survey, and three years later, the ESPN sports channel gave her a similar title. Interestingly, she was the first female soccer player in the FHM men’s magazine to show off her fit body in a five-page photo series. She retired from the sport in 2013.

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