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Posted: December 10, 2021

Updated: December 10, 2021

  • Gambling with League of Legends
  • A tribute to the most iconic LOL moments
  • From XPEKE to the end of SKT Dynasty

League of Legends is an iconic game, elevating simple video games into their rightful place among sports when it comes to gambling. After all, there is no difference between predicting the first loop in NBA and predicting the first blood in LOL. You can win serious money by checking the online sportsbook sites in the US. To understand what moves thousands to play this game, let’s review the most iconic LOL moments of all time!

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XPEKE: The First-Ever Iconic Moment

It was so long ago, many who joined today may have not heard of the man himself “Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez.” The mid-layer of Fnatic received the title of the best mid-layer of 2013, with this legendary backdoor. They were in a tight match, with only the nexus alive for both teams. SK Gaming decided to gather together and push for Fnatic’s nexus, not knowing of the plans of xPeke. Playing a champion that can perform short-distance teleports, he decided to kill SK Gaming’s nexus alone. When SK Gaming’s players recalled to stop him, he simply kept hitting the structure, with the two players unsuccessfully chasing after him. When someone did this, it was called “Pulling an xPeke.” – Confirmed by

TheOddOne Stealing the Baron

Today, stealing objectives is part of every match. But back in the old days, it wasn’t the case. Players simply weren’t as educated and confident in risky situations. Thanks to this play, however, this is not true to today’s player base. Team Solo Mid was late to try and contest the baron against OMG. However, one of their players Brian “TheOddOne” Wyllie wasn’t.

Taking advantage of his champion’s damage-avoiding mechanics. Waiting for OMG to lower the health of Baron Nasor while they were waiting for him to descend. He suicide-engaged against five players, to successfully steal the objective. This moment was so intense and perfect, it was featured in a video clip made by Zedd for his song, “Ignite”.

Flash – The Key to The Most Iconic LOL Moments

The summoner ability called Flash has always been the most-picked player-favorite spell to pick. It is a short-distance teleport, which breaks many mechanics, creating iconic plays. There were two players, who changed the whole community. One was famous for his legendary flash-juke against two players. While the other was infamous for predicting when the enemy will flash.

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By predicting a flash, you can aim at where the enemy is going to land. OG Soaz playing Kennen. While chased, he turned around and flashed into his opponent’s face, changing directions. CJ Madlife is the infamous thresh player. The commentators couldn’t believe their eyes. He was taking notes of his opponent’s cooldown timer because this way, he knew when to land his hook further.

Plays that Ended The Career Of Others

Team Solo Mid was famous due to their brand of caring for each other. This tradition was lost as the scene became more and more competitive. Their legendary ADC Shan “Chaox” Huang was benched, for the team to try out a new ADC. Jason “WildTurtle” Tran. In the first match, WildTurtle scored a pentakill against COL, which made the team resign Chaox, and welcome WildTurtle as the new ADC of the roster. And the moment that ended a Dynasty.

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is considered the best player in the whole game. Even to this day, claiming to be Faker, is a meme to say that you are the best player. He is the father of the most iconic LOL moments. His team SKT won several tournaments and World Championships. Until SSG’s “Ruler” ended their dynasty with one ability. He shot Varus’s ultimate straight against Faker, and at that moment, SKT lost the finals of the World Championship 2017. Will you think they will ever recover from such loss? You can bet on their matches at Bovada Sportsbook.

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