Most Picked Keno Numbers According to Statistics 2023


Posted: October 25, 2023

Updated: October 25, 2023

  • What are the most picked Keno numbers of all time?
  • Should you use these numbers in your future draws?
  • Let's find out answers to these questions!

Is there a way to determine the most picked Keno numbers? Can they help you hit the jackpot in future games? We’ll answer these questions that arise among all Keno fans, from complete beginners to long-term players, and provide them with updated statistics for 2023.

Keno is known as a game of chance because luck and randomness play a key role in determining the outcome of each game. Whether you follow a draw in a retailer’s office or at online lotto sites in Australia, you can’t affect the winning numbers appearing on the screen. However, you can learn about the most picked Keno numbers and see how they influence your next draw. 

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How are Keno Numbers Drawn?

Firstly, one should understand how the winning numbers are drawn in Keno. As you know from the game rules, players mark off as many numbers as they want on their cards. Then, you wait for 20 numbers to be drawn and check them with your picks. The more numbers you match, the more you win. 

In all Keno variants, winning numbers pop up with the help of Random Number Generator (RNG) software, which picks the lucky balls chaotically and in no particular order. It means that each number has the same probability of being selected in each draw, regardless of past results. It’s important to keep this in mind when analyzing the most picked Keno numbers.

Most Picked Keno Numbers: 2023 Statistics

In theory, every number has the same chance to pop up in Keno. However, we can’t say that all numbers have been drawn equally since the game reached online gambling sites in Australia. If you look at the statistics, you’ll find out that some balls appeared more frequently than others. It doesn’t mean that they will be present in the next draw, but their enhanced probability of being drawn speaks for itself.

What are the most picked Keno numbers? Let’s look at the list below.

  • 12 (25.50%)
  • 35 (25.53%)
  • 27 (25.59%)
  • 32 (25.57%)
  • 3 (25.43%)
  • 65 (25.52%)
most picked Keno numbers
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons 
  • 50 (25.50%)
  • 40 (25.45%)
  • 49 (25.45%)
  • 31 (25.39%)
  • 10 (25.15%)
  • 33 (25.42%)
  • 53 (25.16%)
  • 7 (25.19%)
  • 34 (25.15%)

These are the most popular numbers that have been drawn at online lottery platforms like Lotto Agent. They are listed in no particular order, but you can see how frequently they appeared in various draws until October 2023.

To Pick or not to Pick the Most Popular Numbers in Keno

Now that we know the most popular Keno numbers of past years, the question is: should you pick these numbers to boost your chances of winning? The answer can be yes or no.

On one hand, choosing the most popular numbers may seem like a logical choice, as they frequently appear on winning Keno tickets. So, it would be smart to assume that they will be drawn again in the future. However, remember that each Keno draw is independent of previous results, and past performance does not guarantee the same outcomes. Hot numbers may cool down as fast as cold numbers can become the most popular ones.

On the other hand, some players prefer to avoid the most popular numbers. It makes sense, too, as they are highly likely to not appear in the next Keno game. All in all, Keno is a game of luck where players rely on their fortune, so even the most picked Keno numbers by statistic can mean nothing in a short team. However, if you are a regular player, you may notice your own pattern of lucky numbers and stick to it. 

Are There Tools to Help you Predict Keno Numbers?

While there is no guaranteed way to predict Keno numbers, some players use various online generators and strategies to increase their chances of winning. The most popular methods include hot & cold number analysis, random number generators, quick pick options, and statistical data. 

Some of these methods helped to determine the best Keno numbers to play 2023 – interestingly, you may notice many coincidences with the most picked Keno numbers. You can probably give them a try when playing online next time.

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