Mourinho Signs New Contract if Griezmann Arrives?

Mourinho New Contract MU

Man United want Mourinho, Mourinho wants Griezmann, but the whole case might not be so easy!

The Red Devils are in serious hopes of Mourinho signs new contract with them. The Portuguese manager just arrived this summer to Manchester United, but the club already has high hopes of having found the new ‘Sir Alex Ferguson’ in José Mourinho. Still having several years on his contract, United are already planning to offer him a new one for an additional 5 years, according to online betting news in the UK.

It’s not like José Mourinho has been doing such an amazing job that he already deserve the trust for 5 more years. In fact, the club has been rather underachieving: they are already 13 points behind Premier League leader Chelsea and they are only 6th in the league. Not the best of possible scenarios. However, the club still believes in the new manager and they want to build a long-term project. The only question that remains is if it is worth trying to build a long term project with Mourinho at the helm?

He’s just not a man for a long-term project…

José Mourinho has a well working schedule. Whenever he arrives to his new club, he starts building a new team based on his imagination. The first season is for developing and adapting to the new atmosphere and the ideas are realized in the second season. Those are the most successful Mourinho season. But by the third season, everything falls and he is forced to leave. That’s what happened to him at Chelsea, that’s what happened to him at Inter at that’s what happened to him at Real Madrid.

Now he is at phase number 1 at Manchester United. Building up the team. The next season is likely to be more successful than this one. However, the Red Devils’ directors are already thinking about renewing his contract, which might just be a bit too early. It would be more of a clever idea to wait and see if Mourinho’s history repeats itself for the 4th time too.

Online sportsbooks in the UK are just as impatient as the directors of Manchester United are. Online bettors can already place their bets on the new Manchester United manager at online sportsbooks such as Betfair and Paddy Power. The latter one made the joke a bit too far: if you believe that the next Manchester United manager will be out-of-office Barack Obama, you can bet for 501.00 (500/1) odds. However, let’s face it: that’s not a very likely event. Luckily you can also bet on Laurent Blanc as new MU manager for 15.00 (14/1) at Betfair as well as on Ryan Giggs at Paddy Power for also 15.00 (14/1) odds.

Mourinho would strengthen his team with Griezmann…

Should José Mourinho sign a new contract with Manchester United, we could kind of know what would happen already. We could predict a rather successful second season for his team. Especially if the leadership signs whoever he asks as a reinforcement. The main candidate of José Mourinho is Euro 2016 star Antoine Griezmann.

Online sportsbooks expect Atletico’s striker to leave the club in the next summer transfer window. José Mourinho’s men are said to already have been in talks with the French man in hopes of convincing him to turn the red and white shirt to only white. Bet on Griezmann’s new club at Marathonbet! If you believe he will become a Red Devil, you can gain 2.38 (11/8) times your stake. If you think he’s more likely to join PSG, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich place your bets for the respective odds of 6.00 (5/1), 11.00 (10/1) and 7.50 (13/2).

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