Mumbai Police Crack Down on Sportsbetting Joint and Discover two Illegal Websites

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Despite the constant vigilance of the police, bookmakers still managed to facilitate betting services to clients via two online sites.

Bookies have now created two websites through which they facilitated bets and took in action to settle accounts. Previously they have used their mobile phones to take wagers, but have opted to switch from the mobile betting system to the fixed online sites.

Last Sunday, the authorities discovered the two sites: “khelmasti” and “Vbet24.” They received information that suspicious people were placing taking in bets, after which the police acted swiftly to apprehend the gang.

The gang consisted of three people; Vishal Upadhyay, Yasin Saed Sheikh and Abhishek Singh. They operated their website from an apartment in Rock Avenue building in Kandivali.

Number of items seized during the raid

Following numerous raids in 2012, bookies faced a challenge in providing their service to their customers. Police was constantly alert, which meant that bookmaker could no longer enjoy practicing their illegal betting activities.

The police seized three laptops which they believe were used in providing the illegal betting service. Additionally, a total of ten phones were discovered which were used to take in wagers from customers.

According to the gambling news, the arrested men also create a special software for take care of the accounts. The police said in a statement, “The software dispenses with the old system of maintaining diaries, which was cumbersome to manage and would fall in the hands of cops if the bookies were raided. This software cannot be traced if it is hidden or locked.”

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