Muslims Against Liberalization of Sharia Indonesian Gambling Laws

The Indonesian Muslims are firmly against the liberalization of the religious Sharia based Indonesian gambling laws even for tourists despite poverty.

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According to online gambling news in Indonesia, Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country, is economically stagnating being its neighbors who allow some forms of gambling for its non-Muslim citizens and tourists.

Indonesian gambling laws, based on Islamic Sharia laws, strictly forbid all forms of gambling to both Muslim and Dhimmi residents of the South East Asian country.

The foreigners and Christians who live in terror as second class citizens (Dhimmi), secretly gamble at foreign based online casinos in Indonesia.

Despite the prohibition, gambling arcades, known as ‘gelpers’ can be found in multiple locations in the country’s two main tourist hotspots – Batam and Bintan. The two cities, which are daily visited by swarms of Singaporean tourists interested in unrestricted gambling and cheap prostitutes, heavily depend on the gambling arcades for much needed tax revenues.

Local imams, unhappy in the 21st century, have declared a jihad against the arcades, stirring up the anger of the already poverty stricken and angry Muslim population. After burning down a few churches, who were declared to be the secret owners of the illegal casinos factually owned by high ranking Muslim police officers and politicians, the central government decided to intervene.

National police senior spokesman Mahmood Islam bin Muhammad stated that he has ordered the national police forces to demolish any gambling establishment and to destroy all that goes ‘against Islamic beliefs’ of this predominantly Muslim nation.

During the past week, special anti-gambling squads from Indonesian national police have descended on Batam, raiding, demolishing, and shutting down 78 underground casinos in Indonesia filled with gaming machines, tourists and fun. Dozens of people have been arrested and will be caned as prescribed by Islamic Sharia laws.

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