NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Winner: TSM to retain the Title?

NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Winner

The North American LCS is one of the biggest esports league in the world. It has huge popularity, making it the target of many big money moves. If you wish to earn with esports betting, you should consider placing a bet on NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Winner. The odds will only be available until Jan 20.

After years of growth, Riot have decided to franchise the league, selecting 10 teams to permanently compete and removing the relegation system. To select these teams Riot asked the organization to submit proposals that covered everything you could think of in regards to running a team. According to online sportsbooks in United States the 10 teams that will be there for life include TSM, Team Liquid, Cloud9, Echo Fox, FlyQuest, CLG, 100 Theives, OpTic Gaming, Clutch Gaming, and Golden Guardians. Let us give you a preview on who could be the NA LCS Spring Split 2018 winner.

TSM to be NA LCS Spring Split 2018 winner?

On paper TSM roster looks the strongest. They are the favorites to capture victory again and retain the title for a fourth time. It will be tough to beat TSM team especially after brining in Mithy and Zven, in addition to the young up-and-coming jungler Mike Yeung who is a very good communicator and lays valuable information on the map. However Mike as a young player lacks of discipline and experience and if he listens to the fans’ criticism he may shake up the team.

According to online sportsbooks in United States TSM replacement of Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen by Mike took the most attention in the League of Legends community. Svenskeren has moved to C9 that may become the true rival of TSM in 2018 season.

Key Strengths of Cloud9

NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Winner

C9 are expected to reach the finals (Source: S Esports)

Why C9 could be TSM’s true rival this season? For starters, C9 faced off against TSM in the NA LCS finals more than any other team. They have been most reliably the top two teams in the region for the last five years. On Worlds Championship TSM is constantly criticized for not being able to make it out of groups, while C9 finds a way to pull it off. Following Svenskeren move to C9 we expect him to bring further success to his new team.

What about Team Liquid and CLG?

Team Liquid have a robust combination of raw-talent and strong, experienced leadership. Their new roster shows that any of team players can pop off and carry the team to victory. CLG had a stumbling 2017 season with lots of disappointments; however they made an impressive progress in the second half. We expect them to be good competitors this season but not to run for the title.

Online Sportsbook sites predict all of TSM, C9, Team Liquid and CLG to reach the playoffs. At Vbet Sportsbook the odds are the following:
TSM: 1.01
Team Liquid: 1.01
CLG: 1.083
Cloud9: 1.30
For the expected NA LCS Spring Split 2018 winner TSM are the favorites with odds standing at 2.40. Team Liquid enjoy the runner-up stance with odds at 3.00. If I you would like to place a bet on C9’s strengthen, the odds are 13.00 for the team to be a new champion.

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