Which Winter Olympics Wagers Will Be Winners?

Winter Olympics Wagers

It’s easy to look upon Winter Olympics wagers as mere novelties unless you happen to have a relative competing in them. The sports involved are ridiculous, the costs incurred astronomical and the vast majority of the entrants are distinctly white which is odd given most of the planet’s population isn’t. An unrepresentative niche festival of foolish falling-over based pursuits then, but one on which it’s simple to wager on at BetVictor, and if you’d bet on the Eurovision Song Contest, why not this?

  • Is that bet on Norway to take the most gold medals at 6/4 entirely wise?
  • Should you back Laura Dahlmeier at 9/2 to win the 7.5km Biathlon Sprint?
  • Will Richard Freitag overcome his 7/2 odds to get gold in the Ski Jumping?
  • Are Canada going to take home the first ever Mixed Curling Olympic gold?

PyeongChang in South Korea is not the first name that springs to mind when discussing Winter sports, and indeed I suspect many of those placing idle Winter Olympics wagers would have trouble finding it on a map, something, rather alarmingly, that won’t be a problem for Kim Jong-un and the North Korean army should it decide to make a mass surprise visit. Not that a military cross-border incursion is really very likely, after all, why bother when you’ve got all those new shiny nuclear weapons to play with?

Of course any South Korean gambling news of the talks to include North Korea as competitors are going well might stave off that particular threat should be aware it’s not just bothersome neighbors that might cause issues to, for instance, the newly introduced Mixed Curling where sites like BetVictor are expecting Canada to walk all over it and are thus offering those placing Winter Olympics wagers just 11/10 on them winning, with Switzerland on 7/2 and China back on 15/4. There’s also the hackers.

Hackers Lurk Behind The Scenes In PyeongChang 2018

Aimed at the numerous companies supporting the games the sophisticated phishing attacks featured tailor made fileless malware injectors of a variety that appears targeted specifically at the organizers of PyeongChang 2018. Not that even this should stop the games themselves, you’ll still be able to place your Winter Olympics wagers on the large hill ski jumping and sites like BetVictor will give you 13/2 odds on Stefan Kraft, 7/2 on Richard Freitag but seem to favor Kamil Stoch to take the gold medal.

Winter Olympics 2018 medal

Likewise even if the inclusion of North Korean competitors leads to the odd defection from amid their ranks, a distinct possibility, any security operation will probably not stop you being able to place one of your Winter Olympics wagers on armed women on skis as you can get 6/4 on Anastasiya Kuzmina winning the 7.4km Biathlon Sprint, with Laura Dahlmeier getting 9/2 and Darya Domracheva copping 13/2 at the bookies, and any of the three could be a nice fun bet on sports in South Korea this January.

Place All Your Winter Olympics Wagers At BetVictor

Threats To Your Winter Olympics Wagers

  • Frigid Conditions
  • Computer Hackers
  • Minor Invasions
  • Individual Defections
  • Wholesale Nuclear War

Obviously should Donald Trump actually provoke a nuclear war during the Winter Olympics wagers placed at BetVictor etc are likely to be declared null & void (much like Seoul would be) and whilst this is unlikely I suspect even the detonation of an ICBM would stop Norway winning the most gold medals. They’re 6/4 medal table favorites, and why not? Of course they’re good at winter sports, it’s always winter there and there’s really nothing else to do in Norway but practice them all the time.

Sure, you can put one of your Winter Olympics wagers at BetVictor or wherever on Germany to take most golds at 7/5 or the massive USA team at around 6/1 but when even the crazy Canadians are only getting 14/1 you have to wonder just how insane the Norwegians really are. Irregardless of their mental state (they could well all be very stable geniuses for all I know) if you’re going to take advantage of South Korean gambling laws they’re probably that winning Winter Olympics wager you’re looking for.

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