Never Bet On British Politics To Be Sensible Under Mrs May

Bet On British Politics

Theresa May has done it again. At this rate if she keeps shooting herself in the foot she’ll need to graft herself onto an octopus. Not only has she turned a reshuffle into an exercise in looking powerless and foolish she’s also managed to lose one of the few of her team that anyone really liked, but as Justine Greening wanders off to cause trouble on the backbenches during Brexit, can we at least bet on British politics settling down a bit? No. You can bet on the next PM at BetVictor, because that’s now not far off.

  • Is it ironic that UK gambling laws allow wagers on politics but not on human suffering?
  • Can Theresa May surviv another year or should you back 4/1 shot Jeremy Corbyn to be the next PM?
  • Will Boris Johnson at 8/1 or Philip Hammond at 20/1 take over from Theresa May?
  • Could Michael Gove really beat those 20/1 odds to become the next Prime Minister of the UK?

You can always bet on British politics to provide a few laughs and the government of Theresa May is more apt than most to amuse. Just this week the current resident of No.10 Downing Street attempted to reshuffle her cabinet, a task that most Prime Ministers manage without too much trouble, what with swapping around members of your staff being part of the whole “leadership” schtick. Unfortunately Mrs May doesn’t really do leadership and turned a simple political expedient into wholesale chaos.

If you usually bet on sports in the UK, a bet on British politics might just put into perspective the rather surprising upsets of the FA Cup 3rd Round, and whilst you can’t really compare Theresa May to Arsene Wenger, they both went in thinking they’d strengthen their position, and both came out even weaker than before. Theresa May even managed to look sexist, homophobic and pathetic (unlike Wenger who just looks like King Canute on the shore shouting orders and wondering why his feet are soggy).

Tory Reshuffle Descends Into Farce At First Fence

Whatever her plans might have been it became abundantly clear quite quickly that the whole process was descending into a bit of a farce. The Tory HQ tweeting out congratulations to Chris Grayling on becoming the new party chairman would have been a savvy social media move, if, of course, Mr Grayling had actually got the job as party chairman, which he hadn’t, and whilst you can bet on British politics pundits to call it a reshuffle Boris Johnson, Philip Hammond and Amber Rudd all got to stay.

Jeremy Corbyn

Perhaps alone in the UK gambling news of this manifest rearrangement of the chairs on the Titanic Mrs May then was to be content with swapping around some minor figures, but she couldn’t even manage this simple task. Jeremy Hunt refused to leave the Ministry of Health and Mrs May let him keep the job, which is in stark contrast to Justine Greening who refused to leave Education and was forced to resign. Don’t be surprised. You can always bet on British politics to be class ridden and sexist.

Bet On British Politics At BetVictor

The different treatment of Greening vs Hunt just goes to show the degree to which the Conservative party in the UK is itself threatened by Mz Greening and her modernizing views. Popular, working class, attended a state comprehensive school and openly in a same sex relationship, they loathed her. Indeed I’m surprised they didn’t set her on fire next to the Cenotaph. Theresa May had no problem giving her no option but to resign, but didn’t do the same for Jeremy Hunt of Charterhouse and Oxford.

Now you can bet on British politics at BetVictor and the best wager going at the present time is the next Prime Minister where Jeremy Corbyn of the opposition is the 4/1 favorite, and that’s not much surprise considering the leading Tory candidate is Jabob Rees-Mogg the MP for the 18th Century, but with Boris still getting 7/1 and Amber Rudd on 8/1 and Andrea Leadsom on 12/1 the Labour Leader certainly has a fight on his hands, it’s just obviously not with PM Theresa May who is too busy beating herself up.

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