Online Gambling Sites in Gambia - July 2024

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Gambling Laws in Gambia

Gambling in Gambia, a predominantly Islamic country, was banned completely in 2015 but was again legalized in 2017. After two years of complete moratorium of any gambling activities, casinos, lotteries and betting centers resumed operations in full force, due to a Presidential Decree by Adama Barrow which lifted the ban on gambling. However, as no specific online gambling laws were issued, it is generally considered that most forms of online gambling in Gambia are not regulated. Exception is online sports betting which is considered to be legal due to the broad definition of betting which includes land-based as well as online versions. The body responsible for regulation of the legal gambling in the country is the Gambia Revenue Authority. This body is responsible for supervising the work of the companies in the gambling sector and also for the granting of licenses of prospective operators. According to Gambian gambling laws, minors, under 18 years of age are prohibited to participate in any gambling activities.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Gambia?

All forms of online gambling are not regulated in Gambia.

Online Casinos in Gambia

The country's main resort, the Senegambia strip near Banjul, is the home of several gaming venues including the country's largest casino, the Kololi Casino. Beside this land-based casino establishment there are no online casinos in Gambia. Online gambling in the country is not regulated under the current gambling laws. This is the reason why no Gambian online casino licenses have been on the offer so far. Foreign internet casino sites are blocked from accessing the gambling market of Gambia by the respective authorities.

Online Poker in Gambia

Poker in Gambia can only be played legally in the frames of the operating casino. Outside of the casino poker for prizes is considered to be illegal. As of April 2019 there are no online poker sites in Gambia. As there are no specific Gambian online poker laws, no Gambian online poker licenses have been on the offer. Foreign online poker sites, are also blocked from accessing the gambling market in Gambia.

Online lottery in Gambia

Gambia has several lotto operators, Lotto-Bi being one of the major among them. Recently the UK-licensed iLottery provider LOT.TO made a historic deal with Lotto-Bi, planning to launch a multi-currency, multi-lingual platform, which offers omni-channel possibility for online lotto play. However, as of May 2019 they still haven’t introduced  any online lottery in Gambia. Foreign online lotto sites are also actively blocked from accessing the Gambian market.

Online bingo in Gambia

Similar as in cases with the other gambling sites, there are also no online bingo sites in Gambia. Since there are no specific Gambian online bingo laws, there have been no offers for licenses regarding online bingo by the respective gambling authorities, as of April 2019. Foreign online bingo sites are blocked from accessing the market of Gambia.

Online sports betting in Gambia

Several forms of sports betting in Gambia are legal under the current gambling and betting legislation. is one of the main providers of sports betting and horse race betting opportunities in the country offering one of the most attractive online sportsbook sites in Gambia. There are, also plenty of foreign internet sportsbook sites which are actively targeting Gambian players, most of them licensed in Africa and offering content in French.

Online daily fantasy sports in Gambia

Online DFS sites in Gambia do not have a legally regulated status. Considering the legality of online sports betting in the country, it is very probable that internet Daily Fantasy Sports would soon receive a legal status in Gambia.