Nevada Reports Online Poker Profit Boost in May

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Records show Nevada’s online poker industry did well this May, with profits increasing to $862,000.

For online poker sites in the US state of Nevada, May has been the second most profitable month this year. According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, there was a 9% increase in revenues compared to the figures posted in April.

Apart from the $926,000 revenue generated in March, this was the best month for internet poker so far. Things are looking even better when compared to the same period of last year, when the amount collected by the state was 49% lower.

Baccarat and slot machines generate most profits

American gambling laws are still vague on the issue of internet casinos, but Nevada is one of the few states that decided to take a step ahead and legalize online poker within its borders.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board also reported a year-on-year revenue increase of 8.1% for land-based casinos, adding that baccarat was especially popular this May. Local gambling venues raked in $970.2 million in May and $172 million was made at baccarat tables.

As for casino wins this May, multi denomination slot machines were the main profit source, having generated a total of $243.9 million. One-cent machines also contributed $216.4 million.

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