New Italian Young Football Talent Discovered: Federico Bernardeschi, the New Del Piero?

Federico Bernardeschi Fiorentina Juventus

Federico Bernardeschi is about to make the most important step in his career so far.

Online betting news in Italy are delighted to announce that the Italian football academy has come up with yet another young football talent in Italy: Federico Bernardeschi is already on his way to become one of the best football players in the future. The Italian media already went as far as naming him the new Del Piero, but does he have it in him to become at least as good?

Federico Bernardescho is a 23-year-old striker / attacking midfielder / winger. As you can see, he’s quite a multidimensional footballer already. He plays for Fiorentina and also he formed part of the U21 team of the Italian national youth team at Euro 2017 in Poland. He’s been constantly improving at Fiorentina for years and he could be the next Italian football legend according to several Italian football scouts.

Is Federico Bernardeschi the new Del Piero?

There’s still time to answer that question. However, he could easily remind even more people of the Juventus legend this summer: Federico Bernardeschi is top on the wishlist of the Turin based club, according to Juventus transfer news. His price indicate his talent: he would cost at least €40 million.

Even if we can’t call him the new Del Piero, we cn compare him to another Juventus legend, possibly an even bigger one: Bernardeschi was born in the same town as Italian goalkeeper legend Gianluigi Buffon. Could we interpret this as a sign of destiny? Whatevre the case is, online sportsbooks in Italy are sure that Bernardeschi’s new club will be Juventus… the rest of the story is up to the Italian young football talent.

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