New Jersey Could Pass Revolutionary Gambling Laws

Reports are circulating that Atlantic City could be the hub for global online gambling in North America

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New Jersey would be more than open to accommodating online gambling from out-of-state bettors and even go as far as allowing players residing in different countries to play at their new online casinos, should the appropriate changed to the American gambling laws take place.

The state senate committee passed the bill earlier this week, where it will now await the decision from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and face the strong criticism of horse racing enthusiasts who feel that the sport should be added to the list of approved online gambling activities also. Sports betting is currently banned within the United States.

New Jersey democrat senator Raymond Lesniak, a staunch supporter of the new ruling told United States gambling news this week. “this is another step forward toward my goal of New Jersey becoming the Silicon Valley of internet gaming, generating hundreds of millions in revenues for our casino industry, thousands of jobs for Atlantic City, and tens of millions of revenues for our Casino Revenue Fund to help seniors and the disabled.”

As a lot of other states now adopt their own gambling laws, the race is on in a whole new gold rush striking the country. The first states to set up their business will obviously benefit from drawing in those gamblers, who cannot play in their own states. But what of internet gambling?

New Jersey has put forth a bill similar to this last year, and their governor knocked it back. The move then would have seen internet gambling legalized in Atlantic City casinos only. Now, with the justice department’s re-classification of what is allowed under the federal wire act and what is not, the governor has few arguments left to swing at the lawmakers of New Jersey.

If the gaming authorities deem New Jersey’s latest bill acceptable and not violating any of their own laws, then online casinos in United States could be in for a genuinely thrilling period of activity.

Most of the larger casinos are now preparing for the advent of online gaming in the country, feeling that now it is only a matter of time before talk becomes action. The horse racing enthusiasts are still an issue, yet not one that can’t be easily dealt with.

They feel that horse racing will lose its appeal if and when online gambling becomes a reality, but with betting on horse racing online almost certainly to be deemed breaking the wire act, they won’t logically have any feet to stand on.

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