New Jersey tries again to enact first online casino in United States

New Jersey state senator to introduce another bill to create the first legal and regulated intrastate online casino in the United States.

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Despite one veto already, New Jersey lawmakers have not given up on the prospect of online gambling within the state. One Democrat lawmaker plans to introduce a bill this November that according to him quashes the main concerns that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had with the previous online gambling bill which he vetoed earlier.

New Jersey State Senator Raymon Lesniak already wrote to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder that according to his interpretation American gambling laws, intrastate online casino in United States are outside the jurisdiction of Federal law enforcement.

In addition the Senator stated that his bill will be the first in the United States to offer internet blackjack, slots, craps baccarat, poker and online bingo in United States .

Despite Nevada passing a law to legalize and regulate online gambling within the state, the law is dependent upon the approval of the Department of Justice and the US Congress.

Senator Lesniak stated that despite last March veto of a different bill, Governor Christie will be satisfied with his version – “Christie had two main problems with (the vetoed bill): one was the concern that so-called Internet gambling cafes could pop up anywhere around the state and that some of the revenue would be used to support horse racing, and (this time) we will take care of both those concerns.”

New Jersey missed their chance to have legalized sports betting in the 1990’s by focusing on raising taxes in that time of plenty. The decrepit sewer which was once the beautiful Atlantic City has been on the decline causing a tax revenues drop as gamblers are more disposed to spend their time and money in a less garbage pollute, unfriendly and dangerous environment.

This November, New Jersey residents will vote on a referendum to amend the state constitution to permit sports betting. Even if the measure is passed, a Federal Law passed in the 1990’s forbids all but four states from offering sports betting.

The Federal law will automatically supersede this late attempt by New Jersey politicians to correct the mistakes of the past. Prior to the enactment of the law, the federal government gave New Jersey politicians a chance to pass a sports betting act, which the politicians declined to do.

At the time of publication, the Justice Department has not responded to any request to comment upon the State Senator’s letter.

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