New Jersey Youth Will Gamble Online a New Survey Reveals

Should New Jersey legalize online poker, a quarter of their youths would be up for playing, a survey has revealed

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A new survey conducted by the Lloyd D. Levenon Institute of Gaming, Hospitality and Tourism at the Richard Stockton College has revealed that between 16 and 25 percent of younger generation New Jersey citizens would consider playing online gambling games if given the option to do so.

With changes occurring to the American gambling laws throughout the country, when New Jersey legalizes online gambling, they will be inundated with thousands of fresh young online poker players, the survey reveals.

The findings, which come as a surprise to many haven’t baffled Roger Gros, publisher of the Global Gaming Business Magazine, who says that compared to the number of similar aged gamblers in Europe – where online gambling is for the most part legal in many countries – the statistics are practically the same. Mr. Gros didn’t expect to say any differences among American youths.

The option to Play online casino in United States is rapidly becoming a possibility as many states amend their own laws, thanks to the Justice Department’s declaration that only sports betting should be considered illegal under the federal wire act.

Curiously enough it was women that found online poker more appealing in the survey, with a whopping 40% saying they would open to giving online poker sites in United States a go, compared to only 13% of males in the same age group. Mr. Gros believes this is because women are new to poker and are inclined to try out any form of poker when it become legalized.

As well as poker, the survey also asked 3,000 youths from Massachusetts, Ohio and North Virginia how they would feel about online blackjack, craps, slots, baccarat and roulette. Israel Posner, who headed the survey commented that “if internet gaming was legalized that there is a demand for it, partly among the young. It’s still very dramatic when you discover that even within the margin of error, the Internet preference, if you have this choice, is fairly significant — about a fifth of those who play.”

Mr. Gros feels that “the younger you are, the more apt you are to playing online because that’s what you’ve grown up with.” He likened the similarity that it is the younger demographic that purchase items online frequently, whilst the older populations still visit the stores for most of their purchases as that is what they grew up with.

If and when New Jersey legalizes online gambling the opinion may still be split, but if the recent survey is to be believed, the gambling authorities will be delighted at making the move, should a quarter of all youth gamblers of legal gambling age decide to try their hand at online poker.

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