New Pennsylvania Gambling Laws: Now You Can Bet Everywhere!

Pennsylvania gambling laws

Penny has always been considered as the No. 1 state in tax revenue from the casino industry, even if Pennsylvania gambling laws has been containing the growth of online casinos and bookmakers.

Pennsylvania Gambling Laws

Tom Wolf (source: Wikipedia)

However, the situation changed radically due to the last bill, which legalized online gambling. In addition to this, Pennsylvania added online betting, betting in airports and at truck stops to the list of permitted ways of gambling.

Since Pennsylvania government is searching for money to compensate for the fiscal losses, leaders (unexpectedly!) are changing their minds regarding online gambling. Tom Wolf on Monday signed legislation adding some amendments to Pennsylvania gambling laws and authorizing a major expansion of gambling.

Consequently, the state will become the fourth to allow online gambling, joining Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, Moreover, now Penny is the first state to allow online play for both commercial casinos and its state lottery, as both go in search of newer and younger players.

Pennsylvania Gambling Laws as a Dream Ticket for State’s Budget

Betting sites in the USA are now rolling up their sleeves due to these amendments and there’s no wonder why: just imagine the number of potential clients if the government itself is looking forward to gambling!

Tom Wolf, a Democrat, not a fan of gambling expansion, but when it came to balance the state’s persistent deficits, he entertained the idea in dealings with a Republican-controlled Legislature.

“There’s been a lot of pressure from a lot of places in the commonwealth to actually expand this and we do need some recurring revenue. Again, the goal has been all along to do what’s prudent, not cannibalize existing gambling revenue coming to the state, and I think what we’re settling on will actually do that.”

So, according to the latest USA gambling news, governors expect a huge $200 million or more profit per annum from casino license fees and taxes on higher gambling revenue.

Tom Wolf signed into law Monday:

  • Aims to produce another $200 million annually in new revenue.
  • Allows the state’s 10 largest casinos to open new mini-casinos

Meanwhile, according to Pennsylvania gambling laws, you’ll be able to gamble in eight airports, including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and the Lehigh Valley, while qualifying truck stops can operate up to five slot machine-style monitors called video gaming terminals. For the record, only Nevada and Puerto Rico allow airport gambling.

We’re happy about these changes and offer you tens of betting sites in the USA, because now you have a chance to bet online in Pennsylvania!

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