New Real Madrid Goalkeeper To Be Purchased This Summer?

Keylor Navas Leaving Real Madrid

A new Real Madrid goalkeeper is likely to be brought into Zinedine Zidane’s squad as soon as possible, because Keylor Navas doesn’t really have it in him anymore…

While 2017 has not been the year of Real Madrid all in all so far, readers of online betting news in Spain also need to consider why the Royal Club has been performing so poorly in the second half of the season. There might be several reasons, but is it possible to blame it all on Keylor Navas and his poor form?

Statistics say a new Real Madrid goalkeeper is needed ASAP

Taking a quick look at Real Madrid’s latest statistics, it might not be such a bold move to say that Keylor Navas plays a crucial part in the declining story of Los Blancos this season. Since January 12th, 2017, Real Madrid have played 12 matches. Only twice did they manage to keep a clean sheet: a 3-0 victory over Real Sociedad and a 2-0 triumph against Espanyol.

Apart from these two matches, all other teams have scored at least one goals to Keylor Navas. In fact, many teams managed to do that 3 times, something that didn’t really happen last season when The Merengues won the Champions League. Las Palmas in the league and Sevilla in the Copa del Rey were capable of scoring thrice against Zidane’s men.

Sevilla scored another 2 in La Liga, Celta Vigo scored twice on both Copa del Rey legs and Villarreal and Valencia also put the ball in the net twice on the league games – Valencia claimed all 3 points, however, the Galacticos made a terrific comeback against Villarreal, winning the game in the last 30 minutes from losing position of 2-0. At that point, online sportsbooks in Spain were going to pay a lot of money for those who bet on Real Madrid to win…

Will anyone ever be capable of filling the shoes of Iker Casillas?

Keylor Navas seemed like the perfect man to replace Iker Casillas as the #1 Real Madrid player. Humble, respectful, silent person who plays like one of the best in his position. Just like the legendary ancestor, Iker Casillas. However, Casillas didn’t play like that for one season. Casillas played like that for more than a decade.

Who shall be the new Real Madrid goalkeeper?

Of course it’s not fair to compare any goalkeepers to (one of?) the greatest goalkeepers in Real Madrid history, yet one must do that when analysing the Royal Club. The question unwillingly arises, who will replace Keylor Navas? Will Real Madrid sell its faithful Costa Rican goalie any time soon?

Online sportsbooks seem to predict that yes, Real Madrid are in search of the perfect replacement for Keylor Navas (or even Iker Casillas…), who could be a solution for the next years to come. That’s why a younger goalie is believed to be wanted by the Merengues.

Manchester United’s David De Gea was the number one candidate even last summer. The deal has almost been made but it was cancelled in the last minute. Now Real Madrid might be looking elsewhere as Mourinho is not keen on letting go of one of his best players.

Hence, Chelsea’s Thibault Courtois and AC Milan’s youngster Gianluigi Donnarumma are the 2 other favourites to join Real Madrid next season. Where do you think Keylor Navas would go if he were to leave Los Blancos? Let us know what you think and where you could imagine the Costa Rican star by leaving a comment below!

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