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Posted: February 17, 2023

Updated: February 17, 2023

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This article is a tribute to the historical times before the internet and even offline casinos. Because gambling games were not always for everyone. Therefore, it was often the ‘sport’ of rich people. And we all know that during aristocracy hundreds of people could afford to play at their private tables for days. Marié Antoinette has spent days at the table.

If you are interested in playing the highest level of gambling experience. Then we recommend you register at any of the online gambling sites in Denmark. However, you can find your location by using our tool. Nonetheless, we have created this article to collect all nobles who loved gambling. The list would go on forever. However, there were icons of gambling meet-ups that are an essential part of aristocratic history.

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Marie Antoinette – Nobles Who Loved Gambling

If Madonna is the queen of pop, then Marie Antoinette is the Queen of Hearts. Because she loved gambling. We all understand that Marie was more than debaucherous when it came to excitement and thrills. However, she overstepped the boundaries when she has run the country into debt with her gaming habits. When she had no money she walked to a table hoping someone would give her money to play with.

She did and won, and she was so happy she left the table without paying her debt back. According to Marie Gossip, when the house started to run out of funds, her husband forbade her from playing the game. However, she begged for one more game. The husband agreed, and she made sure that the table would last for three days. Register at King Billy Casino to play with normal people.

Georgiana Cavendish – The Duchess of Devonshire

Coming from a better attitude than Marie Antoinette, the Duchess of Devonshire has loved her fair share of gambling as well. She was one of her friends who regulated the castle. However, she has amassed debt which she has kept a secret from her husband.

Only after her death did her husband learn about the gigantic debt she fell into as a form of gambling. She had her secret bank account with records of continuous gambling.

Among the nobles who loved gambling, she was probably the most regretful. Perhaps she was trying to receive her money back without getting caught. However, with each attempt, she went further and further into debt. Nonetheless, she was an activist who has been nothing but helpful to society aside from the fact that she was immortally unlucky.

Nobles Of Venice

This time we are going to talk about a society instead of a single person. According to Jstor (Gambling And Venetian Noblemen), it was between 1500 and 1700 when people advanced from private gambling to public houses. Before that, you had ridotto gambling. This was an extremely unique way of playing cards. People gathered in the house called Ridotto, where the dedicated few were able to attend.

Aristocrats wearing masks and hiding their identities have shown up to play gambling games without getting caught or judged. Therefore, it was not a secret society. However, they kept their identity hidden just so the game is not going to affect their political ventures. It was one of the most interesting eras which just showed that nobles who loved gambling were able to separate themselves from this hobby.

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Madame de Sévigné – Nobles Who Loved Gambling

Madame de Sévigné was one of the most iconic nobles who loved gambling. Because there are no huge controversies about her open gambling habits. She loved the thrill and community of good games. Also enjoyed socializing and she was a typical romantic. She was probably one of the nobles you should read about.

Being friends with many other novels like Antoinette herself. However, she used to be the third wife of Marquis dé Sévigné who was a famous gambler. Unfortunately, he died early in a duel to defend his honor at the behest of his mistress La Belle Lolo. Such stories belong to the Dungeons And Dragons gambling ideas. Yet she was living this as a mournful event of disappointment. 

Louis XV and Madame De Pompadour’s Story

Two of the funniest historical gambling figures, when it came to games, were Louis XV and Madame De Pompadour. Because this power couple knew how to get themselves liked by fellow aristocrats. Of course, they were open-minded, yet they knew their limits. Therefore, Louis XV was openly enjoying gambling with several letters highlighting his fascination with the game.

Furthermore, he explained in a letter that aristocrats love to come to peace in a shared moment of bliss based on random results. However, Madame De Pompadour hated the gambling game after one attempt. Therefore, she convinced him to not play, and soon they made gambling briefly illegal.

William Crockford’s Club – Nobles Who Loved Gambling

Coming up on the list is William Crockford. Who is a black sheep on this list because his gambling reign came many years later? Therefore, William Crockford was known for his club of aristocrats. These gentlemen gathered together to play card games and to discuss politics, philosophy, horse racing, and many other events gentlemen should discuss. However, there was one massive problem with Crockford’s Club.

According to the Smithsonian Mag, his gambling halls have bankrupted the British aristocracy. The reason why aristocrats loved to gather at this palace was due to the diverse activities. Therefore, they were able to dance and discuss without having to resort to violence. However, the loss of money has eventually led to rather controversial encounters.

How To Play Online Like Nobles Had

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