Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix Betting Odds And Predictions

  • KEiiNO is the absolute favorite of the bookies
  • Adrian Jørgensen’s song is our pick to win
  • D'Sound could surprise everyone with ‘Mr. Unicorn’
Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix Betting Odds and Predictions
KEiiNO has a good chance to win Melodi Grand Prix this year

Bookies believe that KEiiNO is the favorite to win the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix. However, we shouldn’t write off Adrian Jørgensen’s entry either. Meanwhile, D’Sound could surprise everyone with their catchy hit called ‘Mr. Unicorn’. Here are our Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix betting odds and predictions.

Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix Betting Odds at Unibet Sportsbook

KEiiNO 1.40
Kjetil Mørland 6.00
Adrian Jørgensen 7.50
Chris Medina 15.00
D’Sound 20.00
Erlend Bratland 20.00
Hank Von Hell 20.00
Anna-Lisa Kumoji 25.00
Ingrid Berg Mehus 25.00
Carina Dahl 30.00

Our latest review about Unibet Sportsbook shows that they aren’t just reliable when it comes to football or basketball, but they have a good selection of novelty bets as well. Therefore, we decided to use their betting odds besides our own knowledge to make our Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix predictions.

The Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix has been organized annually since 1960. This year it’s going to take place on 2 March at the Oslo Spektrum. The jury received a thousand entries last year, but it was only 10 songs that made it to the final. The winner of the Melodi Grand Prix will compete at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Israel.

Bookies believe that KEiiNO is the favorite

KEiiNO is a music group that was formed this year to compete at the Eurovision. It has three members: Fred Buljo, Alexandra Rotan and Tom Hugo. All of them are successful performers nationwide in Norway. Alexandra even has a bit of an international experience as well: she used to be the vocalist of Alan Walker back in 2017. Their song is called Spirit In The Sky, and online sportsbook sites in Norway believe that it’s the absolute favorite to win.

The song has an important message. It’s apparently about equality in the fields of gender, sexual orientation and identity in general. We didn’t really notice these exact values in the lyrics. The song is far from excellent lyrically, though an electronic/dance single usually doesn’t have much to do with poetry anyway. Meanwhile, Spirit In The Sky definitely has a pleasant Nordic vibe as well – that could help KEiiNO once they’re competing in Eurovision. Until then, they have to win the Melodi Grand Prix. We believe they have a good chance, but their potential victory is not as confident as everyone thinks.

Adrian Jørgensen has the most interesting song in the contest

One of the most interesting songs comes from Adrian Jørgensen. The former X Factor and Voice contestant already has some Eurovision experience. He was part of the vocalist choir of JOWST during the 2017 contest in Kiev. He’s now back with his own production. Jørgensen’s song is called “The Bubble”, and while it’s the 3rd likely winner at Unibet Sportsbook, it’s probably our favourite track of the competition.

The Bubble is much less predictable than the previous song we’ve reviewed. It’s not just catchy as hell, but has a bit of an Ed Sheeran/Bruno Mars vibe as well, which is quite popular nowadays. It’s has a confident, mid-high tempo, while a great build-up goes on throughout the song. The unexpected female vocals also help Jørgensen to put his single on a whole new level. It wouldn’t surprise us at all to see this one win.

D’Sound could be the underdog to surprise everyone

D’Sound is a pop/jazz band that has been around for quite a while now. Formed in 1993, the members didn’t just decide to create a new band for Eurovision. They’re considered as underdogs based on the bookies’ opinion, but we argue they do have a chance to win.

Their song, Mr. Unicorn is catchy dance-pop song that comes with a killer bass and a nice vibe in general. It’s a bit like mixing up DNCE with Dua Lipa. It’s a style that could work anywhere in Europe, and that could be a great advantage on the big stage. It’d be a bit surprising to see them go through, but they’ve got the quality, and their odds at Unibet Sportsbook are so tempting that it could be reasonable to consider a bet on them.

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