Now is the Perfect Time to Bet on the Next French President!

Bet on the next French president

With round 1 officially over, now is a great time for members of Paddy Power to place their bet on the next French president.

2017 French Election betting odds

  • Emmanuel Macron: 1/8
  • Marine Le Pen: 5/1

With nearly all the votes counted, top betting favorites Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen have advanced into the second round of the French Election. Before the voting began, most online sportsbooks in the UK listed Macron as the considerable favorite. That prediction appears to be correct, as he received nearly 24% of total votes compared to Le Pen’s 21.4%.

On May 7th, round 2 of voting will officially begin. Both candidates have vastly different views, and the election result could determine the future of both France and the EU. The betting odds are already set, so let’s take a closer look at both candidates’ chances to win.

Bet on Marine Le Pen winning

Marine Le Pen took over leadership of the National Front in 2011, and quickly aimed to change the party’s reputation. Her campaign has focused on a number of issues that many in France are concerned about including immigration, free trade, and the country’s position inside the European Union.

The “France first” position that Le Pen and her supporters take has highlighted the deep-rooted political tension within one of Europe’s most powerful nations. Her success also demonstrates just how much the terrorist attacks have affected France’s view on Islam, as the party is calling on a number of religious restrictions.

Le Pen in 2014

Marine Le Pen took over the National Front Party from her father in 2011 (photo: Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images)

Marine Le Pen commented on her advancement into round 2 by stating it was “an act of French pride, that of a people who are raising up their heads, that of a people sure of their values and confident of the future.”

Marine has a loyal group of supporters, but most political betting experts are listing her as a considerable betting underdog to win. Nevertheless, if you’re planning to bet on the next French president and think Le Pen can pull off the upset, Paddy Power offers some incredible odds at 5/1.

Bet on Emmanuel Macron winning

Former investment banker Emmanuel Macron made UK gambling news by announcing his bid to run for president. Despite his lack of major backing from a political party, he’s risen to become the election’s betting favorite, receiving the most votes in round 1.

In stark contrast to Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron’s campaign has focused on the modernization of France including a cut on corporate tax and a major shift into renewable energy. Following the results of the first round of voting, he told his supporters, “I hope that in a fortnight I will become your president. I want to become the president of all the people of France – the president of the patriots in the face of the threat from the nationalists.”

There’s no doubt that Macron is the safest bet on the next French president. He’s said to represent the more educated and cosmopolitan voters of France who see the benefits of being part of the EU. As we said before, he managed to capture 23.9% of the country’s vote and has received the backing of most political parties.

At the moment, Paddy Power lists Macron’s odds to win the presidency at 1/8. Unless something drastic happens, his victory seems like the most likely scenario.

Are you planning to bet on the next French president? Who do you think wins this year? Tell us what you think in the comment section below, and make sure to head to Paddy Power for a full list of 2017 political betting odds!

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