Now is the Perfect Time to Bet on the Spanish Grand Prix!

Spanish Grand Prix betting

The fifth round of the 2017 Formula One season begins this weekend, and Intertops is offering the best options to bet on the Spanish Grand Prix.

We’re nearly two months into this year’s Formula One season, and we’ve already seen a number of stunning victories. Round 5 of the season will officially begin on May 12th, and F1 fans around the world are trying to predict who will come out on top. There are a number of great wagers available, but here we’ll take a look at three of the best.

Bet on the Spanish Gran Prix winner

Spanish Grand Prix winner betting odds

  • Lewis Hamilton: 2.40
  • Sebastian Vettel: 2.50
  • Valtteri Bottas: 5.00
  • Kimi Raikkonen: 12.00
  • Max Verstappen: 19.00

Those looking to bet on the Spanish Grand Prix in 2017 have some fantastic odds to wager on the race’s winner. There are some clear betting favorites heading into the event, although many Formula One betting experts are listing some underdogs as potential dark horses.

Lewis Hamilton has looked fantastic thus far into the 2017 season. He’s racked up the fastest lap at both the Chinese and Bahrain Grand Prix, the latter of which he won. While Sebastian Vettel is ahead of him in the rankings, Hamilton is the betting favorite heading into Spain with odds of 2.40.

Speaking of Sebastian Vettel, he’s proven to be one of the best racers in the world with 2 wins in 4 of the Prix races this season. Most online sportsbooks in the UK list him as a serious favorite with odds of 2.50. Valtteri Bottas is another great option to bet on the Spanish Grand Prix winner, and is coming off a recent win in Russia. His odds are set at 5.00.

Bet on the Spanish Grand Prix winning team

We at GamingZion recently discussed why betting on Formula One this year may be more unpredictable than usual, and the dominance we’ve become accustomed to from Mercedes may be coming to an end.

Ferrari team F1

Ferrari has already won 2 races this season (photo:

There’s no denying that Mercedes is still one of the top teams in F1 today. They are able to spend the most money on their cars, and have arguably the best racer in the world representing them. With 2 victories out of 4 races, they’re entering the Spanish Grand Prix as the favorite team to win with odds of 1.65.

Ferrari has also won 2 races this year, and is now seen by most analysts as the only true competitor to Mercedes. They looked fantastic in Sochi, and might be the best bet on the Spanish Grand Prix this year with odds of 2.10.

Bet on the Spanish Grand Prix’s fastest lap

The last option to bet on the Spanish Grand Prix with Intertops this year is on who manages to earn the fastest lap. Oftentimes the racer with the fastest lap doesn’t actually win the race, but this is a fun Formula One betting option with some great odds.

The odds here are very similar to the race winner’s odds, albeit with slightly better chances to make money. Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are the clear favorites with odds of 2.85 and 3.25, respectively.

Another option is betting on Valtteri Bottas, who’s come close to earning the fastest lap on multiple occasions this year. Arguably the safest Formula One bet you can make here is on Kimi Raikkonen. Kimi has made UK gambling news by earning the fastest lap twice already this season, and has odds of 6.50 to do it again.

Those looking to bet on the Spanish Grand Prix should head to Intertops. Here you’ll find a wide range of F1 special bets, and the best odds to make money. Make sure to tell us who you think wins this weekend’s race in the comment section below!

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