Betting On F1 Far Less Predictable In 2017 Season

Formula 1 betting

With Mercedes having dominated Formula One for the past few years betting on F1 has been, far too often, a bit of a foregone conclusion, but if there’s one thing the first three races of the 2017 season has taught us, it’s that there’s still a good element of unpredictability, and, if you’re going to bet on sports in Russia, this week’s grand prix in Sochi is a good chance to get in on what is a far more competitive F1 season over at Bet365.

Russian Grand Prix

• Max Verstappen – 40/1
• Daniel Ricciardo – 40/1
• Kimi Raikkonen – 16/1
• Sebastian Vettel – 5/4
• Valtteri Bottas – 15/2
• Lewis Hamilton – 10/11

Betting on F1 over the last few years has always just been a matter of shoving a few quid on the boys in the silver arrows, swallow the ridiculously low odds, and take what you can whilst you can get it. The first race put paid to that little tradition as Sebastian Vettel came home first for Ferrari in Australia, after which the Mercedes mob struck back with a Hamilton win, but the very next race the Italian stallions were back in it with another Vettel victory, what will happen in Sochi then is anyone’s guess.

Naturally Lewis Hamilton is favorite to take the win, getting just 10/11 at Bet365, but since he hasn’t won all three races, indeed just one of them thus far, you can take that with a pinch of salt. The Ferrari’s have proved to be on the pace this year and if Sebastian Vettel is getting 5/4 only just behind Hamilton’s team mate Bottas, who only gets 15/2, it’s only be because the bookies are no longer as confident of Mercedes’ dominant position, making it more interesting to go betting on F1 this year.

Ferrari And Mercedes Ahead Of The Pack

Take the fastest lap odds over at Bet365, a source of interesting betting on F1, which is far more open this year than say last. Hamilton and Vettel might battle it out on 5/4 and 5/2 respectively at Bet365 but it’s Kimi Raikkonen at 7/1 that’s the tip here given he got the swiftest circuit in Australia and has been looking good for a podium place soon enough, although whether you think him worth taking advantage of Russian gambling laws to hit a 6/4 shot on that top three finish in Sochi is another matter entirely.

Formula 1 betting

Kimi Raikkonen earned the fastest time in Australia this year (photo:

The one thing we can guarantee about the Russian Grand Prix this year is that last year’s winner Nico Rosberg won’t repeat the feat. His absence from Formula One has been as much of a blessing as Ferrari getting back on the pace. Without his childish churlishness the atmosphere is palpably more relaxed despite the higher level of competition and that has made for far more fun viewing, but don’t go betting on F1 retaining this chilled out vibe for too long, a tight season and drivers will nervy later in the year.

Betting On F1 Easy At Bet365

Constructors Championship

• Mercedes – 2/5

• Ferrari – 7/4
• Red Bull – 50/1

• Williams – 1500/1

Of course whilst Ferrari have won two of the first three races they find themselves only three points ahead of Mercedes in the Constructors Championship, 102 points to 99, with Red Bull way back on 47 points still betting on F1 development through this season and into next bringing them up in line with Mercedes and Ferrari in time for 2019, although that plan may well change if there are upheavals in the sport so recently bought out by the Americans at Liberty Media now disguised as The F1 Group.

What could have helped Red Bull close up in Sochi would have been rain, but any Russian gambling news from Sochi will be of ghastly weather hasn’t seen the forecast, clear skies look set to render the perfect conditions for the top two teams to wrestle over the win leaving everyone else to trail in their wake. The old rules of just backing Mercedes might not apply anymore but for the 2017 Formula One season at least only Ferrari are an alternative and, frankly, only till Bottas gets comfy in the Mercedes.

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