Top 5 Teams at NYSL WarzoneMania Winner Odds

  • Team Tommey holds a massive experience
  • Team IceManIsaac has the best roster
  • Team Crimsix is led by the GOAT of CoD
NYSL WarzoneMania winner odds

As we are edging closer to the exciting NYSL WarzoneMania, the bookies have delivered their verdicts. Team Tommey, Aydan, and IceManIsaac are the top favorites at NYSL WarzoneMania winner odds.

Some of the biggest names from the Call of Duty community are taking part in the exciting tournament hosted by New York Subliners. 19 teams are competing, each with a captain, as you would expect, on 19 and 20 December. According to online sportsbook news in the United States, the competitors are vying for the $100 thousand, with $25 thousand extra to be distributed among the viewers.

The structure of the tournament is a bit different than usual. It involved the fans in the selection process of the competitors. 12 captains were selected by NYSL. Whereas the rest were named by the fans prior to a live draft that took place on 01 December.

As an esports CoD enthusiast, you should keep an eye on Team Tommey, Aydan, and IceMan Isaac. They are the frontrunners at NYSL WarzoneMania winner odds. But, there is also Crimsix and Attach among the top underdogs who might make an upset. To see the entire list of competitors, check out our review about Bet365 Sportsbook.

Team Tommey holds massive experience

Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren the CoD veteran from England, teamed up with his 100 Thieves Warzone fellows Rated and Enable. He has multiple championship titles to his name in over a decade of experience in CoD. Analysts at online sportsbooks in the United States perceive his biggest strength is the mentality that he always carries. It should help him progress in this tournament. Therefore his odds value +350 at Bet365 Sportsbook to win it all.

NYSL WarzoneMania winner odds on Team Aydan

Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad an American streamer and gaming content creator, is one of the best players of all time. He has enlisted Superevan and Jkap to join his team. Aydan is known also for his incredible Fortnite and Warzone skills. His achievements are able to set the world stage on fire. Recently, Aydan hit  60 kills in solo vs squad in CoD breaking the world record. No doubt his odds are +350 similar to Tommey.

NYSL WarzoneMania winner odds
Let’s play!

Team IceManIsaac has the best roster

The Warzone content creator and competitor IceManIsaac made a clever selection of his team. He chose  Excachtt and Warsz to showcase the best-skilled team in the competition. IceManIsaac’s name is not as big as Tommey or Aydan, but his team can pull off a strong show. His team’s value is +450 at NYSL WarzoneMania winner odds.

Team Crimsix is led by the GOAT of CoD

The reigning champion Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter with Dallas Empire brought Blazt and Skyz to his team. Crimsix won a total of 37 major tournaments to date. Besides, he previously played with several top CoD teams including Complexity, EG, and Optic Gaming. That makes him the GOAT of CoD in the eyes of many spectators. Will his team live up to the expectations? If yes, you can place a bet with +900 odds.

Team Attach is the underdog to beat

Dillion ‘Attach’ Price is a member of the Minnesota ROKKR. He previously played for FaZe, and he won the CoD Championship in 2015 with Denial Esports. His team includes ShadedStep and Aqua. It is one of the teams that is floating under the radar, but they might make an upset with +1600 odds.

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