What are the Odds of the 8th Amendment Referendum Actually Bringing About Change?

odds of the 8th amendment referendum

Political betting has always been a large part of gambling culture and with the approach of the Irish 8th amendment referendum online sportsbook sites are offering generous odds for successful ventures. In this piece you can find all you need to know about the history and reality of the Irish politics surrounding the vote in order to make that successful bet.

Ireland is a county used to division, whether that be religion or political discourse. Once again the people of Éire are faced with another controversial decision, one that has tested the people 4 times before. The issue of the 8th amendment is one that tests a woman’s right to abortion. The current pope’s stand on abortion may be the word of The Lord for many Catholics, however the issue still leaves Ireland in a state of uncertainty.

The moment of creation

Irish 8th Amendment

Abortion has been outlawed in Ireland since 1861 (Offences Against The Person Act from the UK Government) but this was not the moment of conception for the 8th amendment. The amendment was only created in 1983, under the belief that after 63 years of home rule, the right to life needed to be a fundamental part of the Irish constitution. It was voted for by a 67% majority, after multiple changes to the wording. Essentially it was stated that zygote and mother have an equal right to life and therefore, regardless of dangers to the mother’s quality of life and all round well being, the zygote has every chance to exist.

Previous referendums

Less than ten years after the 8th amendment was born it became subject to three simultaneous referendums. Two of the three referendums won the popular vote, allowing woman the right to choose… to travel to other Countries to have the right to an abortion and obtain relevant information associated. This came about after “The X Case” whereby a 14 year old girl became pregnant after being raped. Whilst considering suicide, Ms X (the girl in question) was finally granted the right to an abortion in the UK after a taxing and arduous court case. The third referendum would have allowed an amendment for abortion if the subject had high risk of suicide. Following a similar case the same amendment was proposed in 2002 but once again, voted against.

Current controversy

This time round, the referendum is distinctly different from the ones before. Instead of being an amendment to the current constitution it is calling for the 8th amendment to be revoked from the constitution. This is causing division and debate amongst the Irish people. Some particularly compelling arguments include the idea that contraceptives are on the WHO list of essential medicines, therefore giving the peoples of Ireland a somewhat primitive set of medicinal options. Furthermore with large numbers of women travelling to the UK for abortion, it seems that the Irish government has displaced the “problem” instead of finding a realistic, sustainable solution.

Irish 8th Amendment

What are the odds of the 8th amendment referendum being revoked?

Even if the vote does go through it doesn’t mean a legalisation of abortion in Ireland. But it is a step towards a better future for Irish women. Furthermore despite the fact that even the pope has taken a progressive stance on the issue of abortion, many in Ireland remain firmly rooted in their traditional beliefs. The outcome of the referendum is going to be unpredictable to say the least. Unibet Sportsbook is offering odds of (4.00) to keep the amendment, a promising gamble in an uncertain political climate.

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