Will Anyone Stop Real Madrid in the Champions League?

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Real Madrid and the Champions League. It seems like the perfect match which will never be separated. Who can top Real Madrid in the Champions League?

Online sportsbook news sites in Spain are amazed by Real Madrid’s continental performances. In the Round of 16, Zidane’s men were drawn against title-favourite PSG. All betting sites expected Neymar and Mbappé and the rest to knock Real Madrid out as they were disappointing in the league and also were eliminated from the Copa del Rey by Leganés.

In the next round, they were facing last season’s runner-ups Juventus, who beat Real 1-3 at Bernabéu stadium, but the 0-3 victory in Turin was enough to make it to the semi-finals. Where it was just pure football celebration: possibly the two beat teams in the world right now were playing a European classic derby.

It was two outstanding teams, and while Bayern Munich played better and created more chances throughout the 180 minutes, Real Madrid were better at taking advantage of their chances. Real Madrid made it to the Champions League final, beating the strongest teams in Europe, and proving once again: they are the Kings of Europe, and they don’t want to give up on their crown just yet.

Who will face Real Madrid at UCL Final 2018 in Kyiv?

As Roma are hosting FC Liverpool later on tonight. The English team are in a much better position: they win the first leg by 5-2. They beat Man City by 3-0 too, so based on that, the one against the Italians should be an easy game. However, looking down on their upcoming opponent is strongly unadvisable. Roma were 3 goal down against Barcelona as well, and the 3-0 victory was perfectly fine for them

Another 3-0 victory would be more than perfect again as that would mean Liverpool’s elimination. However, Bwin Sports don’t believe in Roma’s chances. The odds for Roma to reach UCL final are 8.00, while the odds for Liverpool to make it are 1.07. The first leg’s results explains such odds, but you know: anything can happen in Rome. Barca fans know that very well. Can Roma make it again?

Can anyone stop Real Madrid in Champions League?

Online sportsbook sites in Spain don’t think so. If you check out the Champions League 2018 winner odds, you can see 1.72 for Real Madrid to win UCL 2018, while the odds for Liverpool to win Champions League and the odds for Roma to win the Champions League are 2.35 and 21.00 respectively.

It’s obvious that the Galacticos are the number one favourites – again. They won the trophy in 2016, in 2017 and they are one game away from winning it again in 2018. What Real Madrid have been doing in the past 5 years is purely outstanding. But who will put an end to them ruling Europe? Can Liverpool or AS Roma stop them at the end of this season, or will they still remain the Kings of Europe this year as well?

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