Could Bottas Upset the 2018 Spanish GP Betting Odds?

Could Bottas Upset the 2018 Spanish GP Betting Odds?

With the Azerbaijan race ending without as huge an upset as last year, the next Grand Prix promises a somewhat easier bet. Accordingly, the official 2018 Spanish GP betting odds look more or less like what most would expect from the race.

David Hamilton emerged on top in Azerbaijan, with Sebastian Vettel not getting on the podium (he finished fourth). This gained the Ferrari driver his number one position in the Drivers’ Championship, as Hamilton is now four points ahead of him.

If Hamilton is still considered somewhat less likely to win (2.75) than Vettel (2.25), that’s because this was the first time Hamilton claimed the winner’s trophy in 2018. Vettel actually had a superior run and would have probably won the race had not the Safety Car turned the tables around.

Bottas and the official 2018 Spanish GP Betting Odds

Many, including Hamilton, felt that Valtteri Bottas should have won the race. Bottas took advantage of the re-start after the Safety Car situation and showcased great tactical skills. His victory seemed almost guaranteed until a piece of debris intervened only a couple of laps away from the end of the race.

Unibet Sportsbook offers an 8.00 multiplier for Bottas to win. Given his great performance, he only needs a bit of luck to win at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalonya. It’s not unimaginable that Bottas will outdo the performance his official 2018 Spanish GP betting odds predict. Of course, foreseeing his future luck with debris is impossible. But at least Mercedes is doing everything to support him, including a reasonable tyre selection.

Tyre choices

The teams’ recently published selection of tyres reveals that Mercedes was the most cautious, bringing five supersoft, five soft and three medium sets of tyres per driver. Ferrari will bring seven supersoft and only four soft and two medium sets. The only team to have a markedly aggressive strategy is Williams, who focuses on supersoft (nine sets for Lance Stroll and ten sets for Sergey Sirotkin). Given that Williams is currently the lowest-ranked team in the Constructors’ Championship, the ballsy move is hardly shocking.

Obviously, this aggressiveness is unlikely to influence the podium. Online sportsbook sites in Spain, in fact, give an amusing 2001 multiplier for either of the Williams drivers. Bottas’ 8.00 multiplier, however, is more tempting. We think he is just as likely to win the Spanish GP as Hamilton or Vettel.

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