Here Are Five Players Who Will Definitely Get A Red Card in World Cup 2018!


Posted: May 2, 2018

Updated: March 23, 2023

It’s never easy when it comes to World Cup red card predictions, but we can have a few ideas about who will get red card in World Cup 2018…

Online sportsbook news sites in Russia are extremely excited about the upcoming tournament of the highest level. We’ve already talked about the best World Cup 2018 wonderkids, but now we would like to talk about a different subject: Who will get red card in World Cup 2018? We tried to pick the five most likely players to be sent off in the World Cup.

5. Fellaini from Belgium

We all know Marouane Fellaini. And not only because he has that weird hair of his. That’s just one thing and that’s the less embarrassing. He’s also famous for his stupid moments in football: brutal tackles and mad hits and kicks are his signature. No match can be played without at least one opponent being hit by the elbow or something.

Knowing this makes it obvious why Jose Mourinho loves him so much: because he perfectly understands the way Mourinho perceives football as a whole. The Manchester United star will also play for Belgium at World Cup 2018, and we can be sure as hell his playing style won’t suddenly just change. So it might be a good ide to bet on Fellaini red card at World Cup 2018!

4. Casemiro from Brazil

While a possible Casemiro move for PSG is on the horizon he will definitely be focusing on the World Cup 2018 instead on PSG transfer rumours this summer. Real Madrid’s brutally determined defensive midfielder has been known for being the dreadful tackler in the field. He shows no mercy to opponents, ever.


3. Diego Costa from Spain

Atletico Madrid striker is likely to make it to the final squad as Spain lacks a top quality striker – Diego Costa and Alvaro Morata are the best options, but neither has the best season of their life. Yes they both are likely to travel to Russia – and where Costa comes, trouble joins as well!

Althogh the striker doesn’t get red cards as often as he would deserve one, probably he will be punished accordingly to his sins at the World Cup this summer. And even though he won’t be the first option for Spain’s starting line-up, we will probably see him playing – and we will see what he’s capable of. Let’s just hope not to see blood or bones.

2. Luiz Suárez from Uruguay

We can always count on Uruguay’s #9 when it comes to World Cup red cards. He became world famous in the last tournament actually. That’s when he bit Chiellini in exchange for a 10-match ban. The refs like him a bit more ever since he’s been wearing the Blaugrana shirt, but his style never changed.

Suarez still enjoy kicking, hitting and biting other players and hopefully the World Cup 2018 tournament won’t go down without a memorable Suarez moment. In 2010, he got a red card for handball in the last moments against Ghana, and his bite was his best in 2014. What does he have in mind for this year’s tournament?

1.Sergio Ramos from Spain

Another Real Madrid player managed to make it on our list of players who will get red card in World Cup 2018. Sergio Ramos is the captain of both Spain and Los Blancos, he is one of the best central defenders in the world if not the best, but the Andalusian guy never forgot where he came from: from the hottest temperatured part of a genuinely hot temperatured country.

Sergio Ramos holds the record for getting the most red cards in the history of La Liga and in the history of Real Madrid as well. And he’s still only 32. Will he continue adding to his beautiful collection? Will he be among those players who will get red card in World Cup 2018?

Whatever the case is, World Cup red card odds for Ramos will not overpay you at any sites in the online sportsbook directory, that’s for sure…

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