2018 French Open Betting Preview

2018 French Open Betting Preview

With the 2018 French open coming up; we brace ourselves for the usual Nadal-fest over indulgence that the tournament has become. It’s time to give the other candidates a chance in the spotlight. Hence the need for a 2018 French Open betting preview to truly assess the options aside from Nadal.

The clay pitches are being prepared for one of the most notorious tournaments in tennis. Tensions run high amongst the big names of the sport as they all prepare to compete for the grand slam title.

Dominic Thiem (8.00)

The 24 year old Austrian is back for another shot at the French open. Having gotten through to the semi finals in the last two years, online sportsbook sites presume that this could be the third time lucky for Thiem. With the odds as they stand, the current world #6 could make for a profitable gamble when placing a bet on the French Open 2018.

Dominic Thiem

Djokovic (9.00)

Djokovic seems to have more rivalries than North Korea but still stands his ground at major tournaments. He had been the reigning champion of 4 consecutive grand slams during 2016, beating Andy Murray in just four sets at the French open (2016). Now he may not be the champion he was however there is no doubt that he is still a force to be reckoned with.

Andy Murray (26.00)

Andy Murray

Murray is the third member of the “big Four” to be playing the French open (alongside Djokovic and Nadal). He is something of a national treasure to the British public reinforced by his winning off two gold Olympic medals. With French Open betting odds for Murray being so high, even a small wager could result in a tidy pay off.

2018 French Open betting preview review

Online Sportsbook review sites in France claim that there is absolutely no certainty that Nadal (1.44) will take the overall victory. Odds on other major tennis players are begging the potential to stack huge profits, just be sure to keep a close eye on Bet365 Sportsbook with odds on more competitors than just our top picks in this 2018 French Open betting preview.

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